We launched Pipelinepharma with a simple mission - to make pharmaceuticals more accessible for every human on the planet.

There is a large set of pharmaceutical finished dosage formulation manufacturers. There are also a diverse set of distributors looking to fulfil their portfolio pipeline. Yet there is no easy way for them to match.

At Pipelinepharma we provide a digital platform for pharma buyers to match with the right manufacturers, and for sellers - to effortlessly expand their market reach.

The first choice of Pharma professionals

We save your resources

by providing access to the largest expert-curated up-to-date pharmaceutical database.

We save your time

by supporting the signature of 1-page term-sheet agreement and reducing time-to-market.

We help you to succeed

by matching you with the right partners and supporting negotiations every step of the way.

We're hiring!

At Pipelinepharma we merge the best of the pharmaceutical, commerce and technology worlds.

Team behind Pipelinepharma

Meet our leadership

  • Mindaugas Zagoskis

    Founder and CEO of Pipelinepharma

    • Investor, tech entrepreneur, and pharmaceutical executive
    • 20+ years of experience and extensive networking in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Specializations: pharmaceutical licensing, M&A, distribution, business development
  • Gediminas Vedrickas

    Co-founder and CTO of Pipelinepharma

    • Tech entrepreneur, automation consultant, team leader
    • 18+ years of experience in decision and case management automation, solution integration, implementation best-practices
    • Practice development, professional services, career development and mentorship

Business development and sales team

  • Ruta Zagorskyte

    Business Development Manager

    • Expert in pharmaceutical deal making processes
    • 20+ years of experience in pharma related fields: representation, sales, business development at Abbot, Pfizer and other companies
    • Pharmaceutical licensing, distribution, investments, divestments, M&A
  • Ausra Budriene

    Outbound Sales Lead

    • Pharma business executive, medical doctor
    • 20+ years of experience in pharmaceutical business with GSK, Ewopharma, Allergan
    • Pharmaceutical distribution, business management, negotiations, market access
  • Ralf Siebein

    Representative in Germany

    • Pharma business executive, strategist, consultant
    • 30+ years of experience in healthcare and business development with such companies as Bristol Myers, Aliud Pharma, STADA
    • Pharma licensing, M&A, distribution, business development, management
  • Sigita Korbutaite

    Pharma Research Specialist

    • Pharmacy Manager at Gintarinė vaistinė chain uniting 250+ pharmacies in Lithuania
    • Product development, valuation and launch, deal qualification, mentorship of pharmacists
  • Angela Sirinic

    Sales Development Representative

    • Business development, sales and marketing in healthcare industries, including work at Johnson&Johnson
    • 10+ years of experience in business development, strategy and communications
  • Veronika Kriauciuniene

    Business Development Manager

    • Expert in product development and management
    • 10+ years of experience in healthcare industry
    • Pharmaceutical licensing, distribution, sales management

Our creators and engineers

  • Algimantas Jocys

    Head of Design

    • Product and brand designer, lecturer
    • 20+ years of design & management experience
    • UX, branding, platform development
  • Tadas Pikutis

    Head of Engineering

    • Software, product and organizational development specialist
    • 14+ years of experience in IT space
    • Software, product and organizational development
  • Dovile Keleraite

    Chief Marketing Officer

    • Marketing and communication expert
    • 13+ years of experience in healthcare industry: Schering and Bayer Pharma
    • Product & customer marketing, brand management, disease awareness

Our Partners

  • Robert Rome


  • Anthony Soscia


  • José Henrique Única


  • Ralf Siebein


  • Stéphane Coutant


  • Kuba Guzowski


  • Judit Moldovan


  • Pavel Hoder

    Czech, Slovakia

  • Masafumi Yoshimoto


  • Yu Lee