Tadas Pikutis
Head of Engineering

Tadas Pikutis, as the Head of Engineering at Pipelinepharma, brings over 15 years of experience in IT, software development, and organisational growth. Since joining the company, Tadas has significantly contributed to the Pipelinepharma digital platform, transforming its technology stack while enhancing its security, performance, and stability.


Under Tadas' leadership, the software delivery process has become faster and more efficient, enabling rapid experimentation with business models. This has resulted in an overall improvement in the platform's quality and significantly reduced operational costs.


With his strong programming and technical skills, Tadas has extensive web and cloud technologies knowledge, making him a valuable contributor to full-stack development. He has a product-oriented mindset and excels in his engineering role, providing valuable insights and suggestions for product management.


Before joining Pipelinepharma, Tadas was the CTO of Voltas IT, a fast-growing Lithuanian company recognised for creating the WV car programming mobile app. He also worked as a Scrum Master Team Lead at Devbridge Group and has contributed notably to Adform's product management.


Tadas plays a pivotal role in ensuring the strategic technical development and stability of the Pipelinepharma platform by navigating potential challenges and overcoming significant risks. His expertise is instrumental in driving the company's technological advancements.