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  • Recommend & predict pricing before a product launch
  • Strengthen your negotiating position
  • Give insights into international reference pricing
  • Suggest differentiated products in countries where competition is low
  • Provide information on sales trends

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Benjamin Breitfeld

Benjamin Breitfeld

Head of Global Business Development, Aristo Pharma

"Pipelinepharma is continuously generating us leads of pharmaceutical companies for sale in different regions and markets. One of such leads in Europe has been successfully acquired by Aristo Pharma."

Akis Chondrogiannis

Akis Chondrogiannis

Business Development Director, Global Licensing Genepharm

"By using Pipelinepharma service we found new reliable pharmaceutical companies with whom we signed licensing and supply agreements. Pipelinepharma has become an extension to our global sales channel for our company."

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