Finding a reliable business partner can be challenging due to time constraints, lack of skilled labour, and diverse market needs, limiting manufacturers' growth potential. Our Partner Search service helps overcome these challenges.

Effortless B2B pharma partner discovery

  • 10 000+

    qualified buyers

  • 120+

    countries covered

  • < 2 weeks

    to market feedback

  • 85%

    of successful partner searches

Leverage our extensive network of qualified buyers in 120 countries to establish invaluable partnerships. We can tailor the outreach by targeting companies based on therapeutic areas, segments (private or hospital), and business mode (licensing or distribution), paving the way for seamless collaborations and exponential growth.

Market or therapy area targeting

Quick results and market feedback

At Pipelinepharma, we pride ourselves on getting things done quickly. Our Partner Search service delivers results within just a couple of weeks from the project start. Gain valuable insights from the market, allowing you to swiftly engage in business discussions with interested partners. With us, you will be forging valuable connections before you know it, propelling your pharma business towards success!

We aim to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Our Partner Search service offers the best ROI in the market, with a service fee significantly lower than alternative options like pharma events, database subscriptions, and marketing services. Save money without compromising on results and unlock your pharma business's true potential with us.

Best ROI: unlock success affordably

Your trusted assistant

At Pipelinepharma, we complement your existing business development efforts. Our Partner Search service is a powerful addition, providing invaluable insights and connections that amplify your pharma business's growth. With our experienced team working hand in hand with yours, expect exponential results as we unlock new possibilities for your ventures.

How it works:
from concept to partnership in 12 weeks

Pricing: customized based on project scope

The Partner Search pricing model comprises two components: a project fee and a success fee. The project fee is adaptable, tailored to your project's scope, with additional discounts available for multiple products or regions. The deal closing fee is applicable solely upon successful payment from the buyer.

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What do our happy customers say about us?

Albert Vich

Albert Vich

International Director, Laboratorios Rubio

"We asked Pipelinepharma to find a customer in Mexico. It was amazing, they made it per 4 weeks and we signed the contract! I totally recommend using their networking and service."

Akis Chondrogiannis

Akis Chondrogiannis

Business Development Director, Global Licensing Genepharm

"By using Pipelinepharma service we found new reliable pharmaceutical companies with whom we signed licensing and supply agreements. Pipelinepharma has become an extension to our global sales channel for our company."

Cláudia Oliveira

Cláudia Oliveira

International Area Manager, Medinfar

“Thanks to Pipelinepharma’s network we signed a contract with a strong customer and initiated registration of one of our strategic products in several reference countries! They constantly bring us new business opportunities. Can’t wait to get introduced to even more qualified customers!”

Cláudia Oliveira

Francisco Fraile

Commercial Director Southern Europe, Ethypharm

“I strongly recommend Pipelinepharma as a trusted partner for finding reliable distribution partners. Their process was efficient and transparent, allowing us to quickly connect with trustworthy partners in three countries. The cooperation with both the Pipelinepharma team and the introduced customers has been outstanding. We are highly satisfied with the results and confidently recommend Pipelinepharma to other pharmaceutical companies.”

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