Our Subscription Plan unlocks boundless search capabilities for pharmaceutical products in the largest B2B marketplace of finished dosage formulations. Get connected with qualified manufacturers and explore a world of possibilities.

Direct connection with manufacturers without brokerage fee

With thousands of dossiers in the database, our Subscription Plan lets you directly communicate with almost any supplier. No more middlemen involved! You can negotiate and connect with them directly, forming valuable relationships for smooth and efficient procurement.

Unleash direct supplier connections

No broker commissions. No term sheet fees

Our Subscription Plan eliminates broker commissions and waives our standard term sheet fee in the case of a successful deal. We enable you to achieve substantial cost savings, leading to improved profit margins.

Our Subscription Plan outshines traditional marketing channels like events and exhibitions, offering access to a vast supplier network, direct communication, and significant cost savings. Maximize your investment and outperform competitors with our unparalleled value.

Exceptional return on investment

Enhanced support and priority

With our Subscription Plan, your inquiries receive top priority compared to non-subscribers, ensuring prompt attention and efficient communication. Plan also includes a dedicated account manager who brings industry expertise and personalized assistance, ensuring seamless navigation of the pharmaceutical landscape.

Price: 125 Euros per month, billed annually

The Subscription plan offers you the advantage of paying fixed annual subscription fee without any additional brokerage fees.

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