Advisory services for pharma companies

Are you looking for new business streams or investment opportunities? Leverage Pipelinepharma’s extensive industry network and in-depth knowledge of strategic pharmaceutical transactions.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

Daily management of a vast network of pharma buyers and sellers brings us regular opportunities for M&As. We can provide our clients with strategic M&A advice and manage the process of acquiring companies, assets, products and businesses. We can also help companies to divest their assets, including production sites, brands and marketing authorizations.

Acquisitions and buy-side

If you’re looking for a purchase, you have to specify your objective, and we’ll take care of the buy-side. Services include the identification of acquisition targets, outreach to an extensive industry network, facilitation of agreements, and gathering business and financial information. In addition, we can assist you with preparing (non)binding offers, conducting due diligence, negotiating terms and deal closing.

Divestments and sell-side

Being a sell-side representative, we can identify long and short lists of potential buyers and assist you with preparing sales materials, non-confidential sales teasers, and confidential information memorandums. We can reach out to our industry contacts, facilitate agreements, organize a bidding process, conduct due diligence, and arrange virtual data rooms for negotiating terms and deal closing.

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Licensing and distribution

We support our clients with out-licensing and in-licensing strategies. Our analysis and preparation services include:


Identifying specific licensing requirements (target geographical areas or markets)

Assessing product availability and readiness for commercialization

Developing pricing and market access strategies

Setting up an ideal customer profile (ICP) by therapeutic area or other criteria.

We can reach out to targeted buyers by leveraging Pipelinepharma's network. In addition, we can facilitate the term sheet and agreement and help you negotiate the final terms and close the deal.


Reviewing your company’s business development and in-licensing strategy

Identifying specific in-licensing and acquisition criteria (product portfolio, pipeline, therapeutic areas, etc.)

Identifying target suppliers. With 100K dossiers in our database, we can list product candidates that meet regulatory & commercial criteria.

We can reach out to dossier owners and manufacturers. If you find the commercial proposal to be acceptable, we’ll help you facilitate the term sheet and agreement, negotiate the final terms and close the deal.

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Technology transfer or CMO change

Our services are geared towards helping pharma companies with the purchase of marketing authorization rights for a high-quality CTD dossier. We also provide assistance with the transfer of technology to a selected Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO). If you already have product marketing authorization rights but would like to change your manufacturing facilities or add another contract manufacturer – Pipelinepharma will be happy to assist you with that, as well.

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Product co-development

Are you considering investing in a co-ownership project? Our team can help you find a trusted Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for product co-development. Pipelinepharma’s database contains 100K+ CTD dossiers, many of which are in their early stage of development. This allows our clients to take full advantage of the co-development process.

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Market research and pharmaceutical prices

To support your go-to-market strategy and business development, we’ll provide you with data on the prices of pharmaceuticals and the latest insights into the pharma market for 70+ countries worldwide. To this end, our team of analysts will draw up a custom market report based on unique data sources to provide insights into the commercial attractiveness of different sellers’ offers. Our research includes up-to-date market prices and existing and potential competitors for the chosen product.

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