Ruta Zagorskyte
Business Development Manager

Ruta Zagorskyte is the Business Development Manager at Pipelinepharma, overseeing a wide range of sales activities. With 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, her expertise spans pharmaceutical dealmaking, product range and pricing development, customer support, and negotiations. Since joining the company in 2014, Ruta has driven sales growth and established strong relationships with pharma suppliers and buyers worldwide.


Ruta has held positions as a Sales Medical Representative at Balkanpharma and Pfizer and a Pharmacist at Medicus wholesaler pharma distribution company. She has also served as a Sales Manager at Abbott and worked extensively as a Business Development Manager.


She has developed comprehensive expertise in sales operations, project management, negotiation, and customer service throughout her career.


Ruta's focus on developing customer consultation tools, marketing and communication strategies, customer segmentation, and product positioning has enhanced her understanding of customer behaviour and the overall market landscape. 


Ruta holds a Pharmacist Diploma from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (2000) and a Master of Business Administration from Vilnius University Business School (2008). 


With her diverse skill set and extensive industry experience, Ruta drives business growth and fosters client relationships at Pipelinepharma.