Sigita Korbutaite
Pharma Research Specialist

Sigita Korbutaite is a highly skilled Pharma Research Specialist at Pipelinepharma, bringing her expertise and experience to the company since 2017. Initially joining as a Sales Development Representative, Sigita transitioned to her current role, focusing on data analysis and research, including substances, drug forms, product registration data, and comprehensive company and product information review.


In 2021, Sigita achieved qualifications as an internal auditor and an Advanced Practice Pharmacist, expanding her role as a healthcare professional to include vaccination. She actively participates in various training courses, primarily in health and pharmacy, to continuously enhance her knowledge and skills.


Since 2016, Sigita has held various pharmacist positions within one of Lithuania's leading pharmacy chains, "Gintarine Vaistine." She also mentors pharmacists, sharing her knowledge and expertise to support their professional growth.


Sigita graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in 2018, earning a Master's in pharmacy through an integrated study program encompassing biomedical, social, and natural sciences. Sigita is well-prepared to conduct pharmaceutical activities and contribute to scientific research.