Gediminas Vedrickas
Co-founder and CTO

Gediminas Vedrickas is a technology entrepreneur, automation consultant, and team leader, serving as the co-founder and CTO of Pipelinepharma. With two decades of experience in the tech industry, Gediminas brings extensive expertise to his role.


At Pipelinepharma, Gediminas focuses on optimising business processes, decision automation, and providing IT advisory services. His contributions ensure the smooth functioning of the company’s digital B2B platform and overall operations.


Throughout his career, Gediminas has accumulated significant consulting experience in decision and case management automation, solution integration, and implementing best practices. He has played diverse roles in developing on-premise and cloud platform solutions, including requirements analysis, business modelling, system design and implementation, and system integration.


Before co-founding Pipelinepharma, Gediminas held key positions as SAP Technical Consultant and Practice Lead in the Decision Management Group at "ERP" and various leadership roles at FICO in the EMEA region. He is particularly focused on fostering communities of practice to deliver on a promise of decision automation.


Gediminas holds a Master's degree in Information Technology from the Kaunas University of Technology, further contributing to his expertise in the field.