Dovile Keleraite
Chief Marketing Officer

Dovile Keleraite is a Chief Marketing Manager at Pipelinepharma, responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies and executing tactical initiatives. Her contributions have been instrumental in elevating the Pipelinepharma brand and enhancing the company's social presence.


As the CMO, Dovile collaborates closely with the sales and product management teams, influencing the platform's development, the positioning of offerings, and the launch of new services. Her expertise extends to generating leads, improving SEO performance, leveraging PPC promotion, executing multi-channel campaigns, and harnessing the power of marketing automation.


Dovile's talent for creating informative content, equipping teams with engaging marketing materials, and enhancing customer experiences impacts the brand's growth. Her analytical skills enable data-driven decision-making on both strategic and tactical levels. Collaborating with service providers, Dovile ensures the seamless execution of sales and marketing campaigns. 


With over 13 years of marketing and communications experience at renowned pharmaceutical companies like Schering and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Dovile has significantly enhanced her expertise and knowledge in the field. 


Her extensive industry background provides valuable insights and understanding of the healthcare landscape, making her an invaluable asset in her role at Pipelinepharma.


Dovile holds a Master of Business Management and Administration degree from Vilnius University and a Marketing Managers Certification from the European Marketing Confederation (EMC).