Mindaugas Zagorskis
Founder and CEO

Dr Mindaugas Zagorskis, the founder and CEO of Pipelinepharma, is a visionary leader in the global pharmaceutical industry. Pipelinepharma is a B2B marketplace that connects pharmaceutical companies for various partnering opportunities, including M&A, licensing, technology transfer, and other deal types.


With a career spanning over two decades, Mindaugas has held key positions in renowned organisations. As a Sales and Marketing Manager at Wyeth (acquired by Pfizer), Business Development Manager at PharmaSwiss (acquired by Valeant, now Bausch Health), and Managing Director at Orivas, he gained extensive experience in pharmaceutical company management, specialising in pharmaceutical licensing, business development, regulatory affairs, market access, sales, and marketing.


During his tenure at Pipelinepharma, Mindaugas has developed a vast network within the global pharmaceutical industry, engaging with M&A, Licensing, and Business Development Executives. 


He has successfully negotiated and delivered over 200 commercial agreements across five continents and more than 30 countries, encompassing enterprises and SME pharmaceutical companies.


In 2014, Mindaugas made strategic investments in Click2Sell, one of the pioneering Lithuanian fintech companies. Under the brand name Cardinity, the company obtained a licence from the Bank of Lithuania and was subsequently acquired by NomuPay, a prominent global payment network development company, in 2022.


Mindaugas holds a Medical Doctor Diploma from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (1999), a Master of Business Administration from Vilnius University Business School (2003) and a Professional Board Member Education from the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (2016).