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triptorelin acetate

Suspension for injection 3.75 mg

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European Union
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A pharmaceutical manufacturer based in the EU that has been active in 50+ countries selling its products in Europe, MENA, LATAM, and NA for 20+ years. Main therapeutic area include oncology and urology. The company's production lines are GMP-compliant. The main dosage forms includes injectable. The company possesses subsidiaries in LATAM

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Triptorelin acetate:

Triptorelin, also known under the popular brand name of Decapeptyl and Gonapeptyl, is a medication which is used in the treatment of various indications including endometriosis, for the reduction of fibroids, for prostatic cancer, and to treat male hypersexuality with severe sexual deviation. It is also illicitly used to delay puberty in patients suffering from gender dysphoria. It was originally developed by a pharmaceutical products manufacturing company and was subsequently patented in 1975 and approved for sale on the medical marketplace in 1986.

Currently, it has found common use in certain medical fields such as oncology and hormone replacement therapies. It is also used as a chemical castration agent by judicial systems, serving to reduce the sexual urges of sex offenders.

Triptorelin has since entered into the generic’s drugs space, lowering the threshold needed for triptorelin manufacturers and triptorelin suppliers to list it for sale. Where it can often be found today available for wholesale order by global distributors at a variety of cost and price points.

Method of action of triptorelin acetate:

Triptorelin belongs to a group of drugs which function by being analogues to various hormones. Specifically, triptorelin a synthetic agonist analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone. This thus confers the ability of reversibly repressing luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, two key factors for sexual health.

Form and dosage of triptorelin acetate:

The final form and packaging of triptorelin are dependent on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the specific distributors and order. However, triptorelin acetate is predominantly found for wholesale in forms including a solution for injection and vials. Triptorelin is a specialised medication, as such, doses are highly patient and indication-specific. For more information on therapy specifics please contact an accredited healthcare provider or refer to the manufacturers’ literature.

Triptorelin acetate on Pipelinepharma:

Currently, at the time of writing, we could not find any triptorelin acetate manufacturers or triptorelin acetate suppliers from our online global list of trusted B2B wholesale distributors. This list is constantly being updated with the most current and relevant information. Each company listed on our online platform has been verified, in a time-consuming manner, according to strict quality control by the Pipelinepharma team. As such, it is likely that triptorelin acetate manufacturers and triptorelin acetate suppliers are awaiting approval and will be listed soon.

Price of triptorelin acetate and how to buy:

A cursory search online reveals an approximate cost for wholesale triptorelin to be £69.00 per 3mg powder and solvent for suspension for injection vial. These values are indicated exclusively for the NHS in the UK using the drug tariff Part VIIIA Category C. As such they are only intended to serve as a generalization of the current market conditions in a specific area and a specific form.

Although the prices on the B2B wholesale Pipelinepharma marketplace remain confidential between both B2B parties, the seller may choose to list the desired price to facilitate the online transaction. If so, an ‘Accept’ and ‘Negotiate’ button will be displayed through the online interface, with a ‘Get offer’ button being shown in the absence. This makes it easy to find new qualified sellers for your pharmaceutical business. Simply use our online search tool, filter by your wanted criteria, and finally select the desired listing.