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Trimipramine maleate:

Trimipramine, also known under the popular brand name of Surmontil, belongs to a group of drugs classed as tricyclic antidepressants. These are used as a medication for the treatment of various conditions, notably depression but are also used for their sedative, anxiolytic, and weak antipsychotic effects in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety disorders, and psychosis. Trimipramine is termed as a second-generation tricyclic antidepressant due to its relatively weak action as a monoamine reuptake inhibitor.

Trimipramine was originally developed by the pharmaceutical products manufacturing company Rhône-Poulenc and was patented in 1959 with its first appearance in literature being in 1961. It was approved for sale on the medical marketplace in Europe in 1966 and was subsequently introduced commercially to the United States between 1979 and 1980.

Currently, it has entered into the generic drugs space, making it cost-effective for trimipramine manufacturers and trimipramine suppliers to produce and list for sale. Where it can be found across the global marketplace available to order wholesale on the pharmaceutical products list of global distributors at a variety of cost and price points.

Method of action of trimipramine maleate:

Being a second-generation tricyclic antidepressant, the mechanism of action of trimipramine differs from others in the wider tricyclic antidepressant medication class. It acts through promoting the reduction of the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin, reducing their levels. The specifics of this mechanism are not yet fully elucidated.

Form and dosage of trimipramine maleate:

The final form and packaging of trimipramine are dependent on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the specific distributors and order. However, it can usually be found for sale wholesale in forms including capsules, tablets, and film-coated tablets. Typical doses vary on the specific treatment and are subject to patient-tailored adjustment based on the opinion of the prescribing medical professional. For the treatment of adults with depressive illness, partially where sedation is required, an initial 50–75 mg daily in divided doses followed by an increase to 150–300 mg daily is recommended. These values are lower for the elderly, with an initial dose of 10–25 mg 3 times a day followed by a maintenance of 75-150 mg daily being suggested. For further information please contact a medical professional or refer to the manufacturers’ literature.

Trimipramine maleate on Pipelinepharma:

Currently, we have found 2 verified trimipramine maleate manufacturers and trimipramine maleate suppliers from our online global list of B2B sellers. These manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are located in various countries such as Switzerland. Each company and their pharmaceutical products list displayed on our online B2B platform has been verified by the Pipelinepharma team. This ensures seller reputability and reduces sourcing mileage, allowing for a fluent business experience for all involved parties.

Price of trimipramine maleate and how to buy:

A cursory search online reveals an approximate wholesale cost for trimipramine to be £146.33- £179.18 for 10 mg x 10 tablets. These indicated values are exclusively for the NHS in the UK using the drug tariff Part VIIIA Category A. As such they are only intended to serve as a generalization of the current market conditions in a specific area and a specific form. Although the prices on the B2B wholesale Pipelinepharma marketplace remain confidential between both B2B parties, the seller may choose to list the desired price to facilitate the online transaction. If so, an ‘Accept’ and ‘Negotiate’ button will be displayed through the online interface, with a ‘Get offer’ button being shown in the absence.