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It is a MENA-wide leader in Pharmaceutical and consumer health products. It has a history of 40+ years. They have a long-established customer-centered approach to developing, producing, marketing, and commercializing high-quality affordable medicines and wellness consumer products in emerging markets, with more than 900 people serving patients in more than 40 countries throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

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Timolol Manufacturers

Timolol is a beta-blocker class medication used to treat hypertension, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, and also to prevent migraines. Although manufacturers of timolol use it as a standalone ingredient in drug formulations, it is more commonly used in combination drugs, along with additional ingredients such as latanoprost, dorzolamide as well as others. Timolol suppliers primarily market the drug as ophthalmic drops, however, it is also available in tablet form. Following approval by the FDA in 1978, the earliest timolol manufacturer was Merck Sharp & Dohme. Since then it has become widely distributed and included in the WHO’s list of Essential Medicines, which contains the most important medicines needed for a basic health system. In the U.S. alone, over 4 million prescriptions of timolol medications are registered yearly. Among the largest timolol suppliers are Pfizer, Bayer, and GlaxoSmithKline. Timolol suppliers and distributors market both generic and trade name formulations of the drug. Buyers are advised that online sellers may attempt to market fraudulent versions of the generic drug, whereas Pipeline Pharma, through its pre-auditing and quality control procedures ensures that only verified timolol manufacturers and wholesalers enter our online marketplace, offering you a risk-free B2B pharmaceutical sales platform. This medication belongs to the beta blocker class of medications. It works by preventing certain natural substances in your body, such as epinephrine, from acting on your heart and blood arteries. This effect reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac strain.

How does Timolol work?

Ophthalmic timolol is used to treat glaucoma, a disorder in which elevated eye pressure causes progressive visual loss. Timolol belongs to the beta-blocker class of medicines. It works by lowering intraocular pressure. Timolol is a medication used to treat excessive blood pressure and to improve survival following a heart attack. It's also used to keep migraines at bay. Timolol belongs to the beta blocker class of medicines. It improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and lowering heart rate. Timolol's blockage of beta (2) receptors in blood vessels reduces peripheral vascular resistance, lowering blood pressure. The specific method by which timolol reduces ocular pressure is unknown at this time; nevertheless, it most likely inhibits aqueous fluid secretion in the eye.

The Cost of Timolol

An online search for the wholesale price for sale of Timolol for distributors will reveal a wide range of costs. It will vary from store to store depending on your visit and the country of the wholesale market. Retail prices of timolol-inclusive medications vary depending on whether it is a generic or trade name formulation, on the concentration of the active ingredient in the formulation, other ingredients that are contained in the formulation as well as supplier and manufacturer pricing. Costs per 5ml of a 5mg/ml timolol ophthalmic solution fall into a range of around 1.50 – 4.00 EUR, whereas 5ml of timolol-inclusive combination formulations can cost anywhere from 5.00 EUR to 25.00 EUR.

Navigating our pharmaceutical marketplace

Being a global B2B pharmaceutical online marketplace, Pipelinepharma is structured to simplify pharmaceutical deals by providing you with an intuitive interface that is easy to engage with. The selection of Timolol distributors offerings can be narrowed down with the use of filters and easily weighed against one another according to medication prices and commercial terms. The advanced filters help you filter out the countries for these substance manufacturers and this substance Timolol suppliers that you are looking for. These also enable you to check the dossier status of this medicine and the GMP approvals of the different variants of Timolol. Also, each manufacturer or supplier product description contains essential information about this substance including clinical data, stability zones, countries where Timolol is already registered in. Manufacturers also have special, and delivery terms.

Establishing commercial ties

If you are a pharmaceutical licensing company or a distributor you can enter into deals or negotiations over these medicine offers with manufacturing companies after completing the free registration process and joining our online marketplace. This helps to ensure that you conclude the pharmaceutical product deal at a reasonable cost and achieve the best cost/benefit ratio for your company while bypassing lengthy sourcing, negotiation, and order process. Once you have finalized a deal, you can look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with the manufacturers Timolol suppliers. This way, the marketplace allows you as a distributor to skip the process of shortlisting product manufacturers every time you are looking for in-licensing or distribution deals.

Quality Assurance

To keep up to the quality standards other than Good Manufacturing Practice approvals that this medicine manufacturers list has, we qualify their companies before they are onboarded on the platform. This allows us to screen Timolol for the quality of the pharmaceutical products’ dossiers and protect against the risk of possible malpractices.