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The company started in the 1970s. It is committed to contributing in a relevant way to the health of the community, through the production and commercialization of pharmaceutical products of the highest quality. Permanently innovating in the development of new pharmaceutical specialties and new technological production processes, which allow the efficient production of quality medicines available to everyone.

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THIAMINE Manufacturers

Thiamine is commonly known as Vitamin B1. Thiamine is vitally important. It contributes to the breakdown of carbohydrates from foods into products needed by the body. Thiamine is found in foods such as: cereals, whole grains, meat, nuts, beans, and peas. Thiamine is used to prevent vitamin B1 deficiency. Thiamine injection is used in the treatment of beriberi that is caused by a prolonged lack of vitamin B1. Oral thiamine (taken by mouth) is available without a prescription. Injectable thiamine is not given without a healthcare professional. Thiamine may also be used for purposes not mentioned in this medication guide. You must not use thiamine if you have ever had an allergy to it. Do consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking thiamine if you: take other medications, take herbal products, are allergic to any drugs or foods, have kidney disease, are pregnant or have the plan to become pregnant, are breast-feeding a baby. Thiamine treatment may also include a special diet. your doctor or nutrition counselor is supposed to create your diet plan. You only need to follow that particular diet plan. It is good for you to get familiar with the list of foods you are supposed to eat or avoid to control your condition. Thiamine may not harm an unborn baby. Thiamine dose needs may get different during pregnancy. It is unknown whether thiamine passes into breast milk. While nursing your dose needs may get altered. Take the missed dose soon unless it reaches the next dose. Do not use extra medicine at a time to make up for the missed dose.

How Does THIAMINE Work?

Thiamine is basically the generic name of vitamin B1. Understandably, it is one of the B vitamins. Thiamine functions to turn food into energy to keep the nervous system healthy. The human body is not able to make thiamine for itself.

The Wholesale Price of Thiamine

The lowest wholesale price for the common version of this pharmaceutical substance in the developing world is about $2.17 USD per one gm vial. The price may vary and depends on the pharmacy you visit.

Sourcing Thiamine Manufacturers and Thiamine Suppliers

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