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taurine + dexpanthenol + hypromellose

Eye drops 40 mg/ml - 10 ml

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Taurine is an amino acid that has multiple biologic functions, including but not limited to acting as an antioxidant, osmoregulator and in adjusting calcium content in cells. Consequently, adequate consumption of the compound has a range of health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular, neurological and muscular function as well as boosting athletic performance. Taurine is mostly obtained from meat and fish dietary sources. Vegans and vegetarians are thus a risk group when it comes to taurine-deficiency. However, studies show that even individuals who consume a lot of meat may fall into this group because food processing and preparation play a major role in natural taurine retention. Consequently, manufacturing companies use the compound as a constituent in pharmaceutical supplement formulations. Suppliers market taurine-inclusive supplements in a variety of forms, most common of which being tablets, injectable solutions, and oral powders. Taurine was approved for use as a supplement by the FDA in 1984. As of now, numerous manufacturing companies produce and market dietary supplements that include taurine worldwide. Among the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical-grade taurine are Japanese pharmaceutical companies Taisho Pharmaceuticals and Honjo Chemical.