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Somatropin (Somatotropin in British English), also known as GHI, is a form of human growth hormone. It is essential in the growth of various tissues, including bones and muscles, usually administered to patients suffering from a variety of congenital or other syndromes.

Somatropin use

Somatropin is applied in a wide variety of medicinal uses. It is most used, however, when children and/or adults are suffering from a lack of natural growth hormones. Due to this, diseases like Noonan, Prader-Willi, or Turner syndrome occur. Moreover, it is used to help boost growth in the case of short stature at birth. Also, injectable Somatropin drug solutions might be prescribed and given to AIDS patients to prevent rigorous weight loss. Finally, pharmaceutical product Somatropin is used to help remedy short bowel syndrome for adults.

How does Somatropin work?

Somatropin is a naturally occurring hormone that is responsible for growth, maintenance, and regeneration of various tissue in the human body. Also, Somatropin has many beneficial qualities such as anti-aging properties, encouraging the metabolism of the liver and muscles, etc. However, the injections of Somatropin are given to people who are suffering from congenital syndromes and weak growth. It can also be given to adults in cases of hazardous diseases to prevent weight loss or falling seriously ill.

Daily dosage & other important info

Somatropin dosage is mostly dependant on the condition of the patient, stage of the treatment, and severity of the disease. Usually, the dose is measured at 0.1mg per kilogram of weight, and the drug is given once per day. The entire duration of treatment can vary from one to six weeks. However, the patient should always follow the instruction of their doctor and or responsible health care practitioners. No one who has cancer, sleep apnea, diabetic retinopathy, serious illness related to complications of recent surgery, acute injuries, trauma, or lung failure can be given Somatropin. These drugs are also very dangerous to people who are allergic to benzyl alcohol. Injections can be administered domestically.

Somatropin manufacturers:

Somatropin manufacturers produce both generic and branded versions of these drugs. Suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors of branded Somatropin have a wide variety of names for their product,s including Omnitrope, Serostip, Genotropin, Humatrope, and Zorbtive amongst many more. Pipelinepharma is home to a lot of Somatropin manufacturers and wholesalers. The broad, global list allows any client who wishes to place an order, convenient access to a supplier who is nearby. As of now, Pipelinepharma hosts manufacturers of Somatropin from Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Egypt as well as the EU. If you are a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and offer drugs for sale but are not listed on our marketplace – please get in touch so we can add your company to the global search engine ASAP.

Somatropin prices:

The price of this drug can significantly vary depending on the size of the order, the concentration of the drug, and a variety of other factors. Prices start from 30 USD per 1 cartridge of injectable solutions and should go up. However, the number we disclose here is merely a point of reference and should not be taken for a fact. Numbers might change. To get the best price for your order and to lower expenses and cost – get in touch with as many suppliers from the vast list. If some offer on the list seems suitable – accept it. If not, or if you want to negotiate on certain conditions – select the ‘Negotiate’ or ‘Get Offer’ buttons to negotiate the best deals with Somatropin distributors all around the world.

Buying Somatropin on Pipelinepharma

Pipelinepharma is a global, industry-specific pharmaceutical product and service marketplace where buyers can find the listing for various medical services and medication for sale. Without having to go to professional mediators and negotiators, buyers can easily arrange long-term partnerships or agree on one time deals with unprecedented speed.

Side effects

If used not as prescribed – Somatropin might cause unwanted side effects. Besides, overdosing might provoke allergic reactions. If something surfaces, the patient should stop taking the drug immediately and seek medical attention. Common side effects include: · Higher frequency of urinating · Pain in o Joint areas (knees, hips) o Ears o Muscles o Areas where the medicine was injected · Cold-like symptoms · Flatulence and stomach pain · Swelling of various body areas · Sight problems and strange headaches · Noticeable changes in moles Please keep in mind that only some of the common and not all side effects were listed.