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Reteplase Manufacturers

Reteplase is sold under the trade names “Retevase”, “Retefuse”, “Rapilysin”, and “Mirel” among others. It is classified under the drug class Thrombolytic drugs. It is indicated for the treatment of Acute pulmonary emboli, intracoronary emboli, acute myocardial infarction, cardiovascular mortality, and congestive heart failure. It is mostly administered through an intravenous route through an IV line. Anticoagulant/antiplatelet herbs and supplements should be avoided when taking this medication. Garlic, ginger, bilberry, danshen, piracetam, and ginkgo Biloba are some of the examples. Reteplase and heparin are incompatible drugs. It should not be administered through a heparin-containing intravenous line. This drug should be stored between 2°C and 25°C (36°F and 77°F). To protect the lyophilisate from exposure to light, the box should be sealed until it is time to use it. Adverse effects of this pharmaceutical medicine include fever, bleeding of the injection site, bloody stool, blood in urine, stomach pain, and/or vomiting blood. This pharmaceutical medicine is mostly contraindicated in conditions, such as if patients have gone through spine operation, brain tumor, retinal disease hemorrhage in diabetic patients, increased risk of bleeding due to clotting disorder, and bleeding from the retina. It is not usually prescribed for pregnant women as it may cause harm to the fetus. In lactating women, there is no data found of its secretion into milk but precautions are necessary to be taken. It should be only prescribed if benefits are more than risks. It was approved by FDA on October 30, 1996, under the brand name Retevase.

How does Retaplase work?

It works by eliminating blood clots by breaking Arg/Val bond in plasminogen and form plasmin which in turn breaks the fibrin matrix, resulting in thrombolytic action.

The cost of Reteplase

For supply of 1 kit of Reteplase intravenous containing 10 units, it costs approximately $3,383.

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