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2 products found

pyroloquinoline quinone

Capsules 20 mg

Country of origin
United States
Recommended use
Mind and memory
Product description
Supports healthy mitochondria for increased energy Promotes protection of brain cells from metabolic toxins & cellular debris Supports regeneration of new brain cells
Manufacturer #28412

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alpha-lipoic acid + coenzyme q10 + pyroloquinoline quinone

Capsules 100 mg + 100 mg + 20 mg

Country of origin
Recommended use
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Manufacturer #15171
They take a meticulous approach to pharmaceutical research, development, and production, as well as next-generation supplementary foods. They produce more than 90 crores of tablets annually, more than 27 crores of capsules annually, more than 25 crores of film-coated products annually, more than 4 crores of bottles annually, and more than 1 crore of cream and gel annually.

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