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Phloroglucinol an organic compound commonly used in making medicines and other industrial purposes. It is one of the three main isomeric benzenetriols. It key property is to provide relief from abnormal and painful contractions in the intestine, bile ducts, urinary tract, and uterus. Due to these anti-spasmodic properties, it is used to control, prevent & improve conditions, and symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome, Bladder spasm after transurethral resection of the prostate, gallstones, spasmodic pain, and other related gastrointestinal illnesses and complications. A suppository form is used in giving relief from pain during spasmodic gynecological issues and for relief from caused by contraction during pregnancy. Phloroglucinol has a polyphenolic compound chemical structure that includes an aromatic phenyl ring with three hydroxyl groups. It is a derivative of phenol, that provides cyctoprotective effect from oxidative damage by increasing cellular catalase activity. Phloroglucinol is sold under the brand names Actafon, AnaSpasm-Oro, and Bruglucen among others. Akzona Inc filed for the first patent of Phloroglucinol in Japan in 1979. However, the USFDA has not approved it for sale in the USA. Phloroglucinol is approved for sales in Japan, Russia, and some parts of Europe. Teva pharmaceuticals also sells a suppository in Europe for use in painful spasmodic manifestations in gynaecology and contractions during pregnancy.

Dosage and administration

Phloroglucinol is available as tablets, chewable tablets comprising from 40mg, 80mg and a150 mg suppository in some markets. It is a water-soluble diluent. Its oral lyophilisate and coated tablet are sold in 80mg strength and also as a solution for injection of 10mg/ml, and as a suppository of 150mg. Phloroglucinol is commonly administered as tablets, by dissolving them in a glass of water or can be placed under the tongue for much fast action. The recommended usual adult dose is 2 tablets, taken at the time of the crisis, and repeated in case of major spasms. For the pediatric population, the recommended dose is 1 tablet, dissolved in a glass of water, taken two times a day. The suppository is administered rectally, only one a day, as per the prescription of the doctor. However, this suppository is sold in a few market only like the UK. The suppository has also been indicated in the treating spasmodic episodes in gynecology.

The price of Phloroglucinol

In France, the consumer has to pay € 2.45 for a supply of 10, 80 mg tablets. In India, the price of the ingredient, API version of white powder costs USD 130 for a supply of one kilogram of the powder. In Europe, the price of each suppository is around € 3 euros.

How does it work?

Phloroglucinol exerts its effects most likely by directly inhibiting voltage-dependent calcium channels of smooth muscle. It can also modulate prostaglandin or nitric oxide release.

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