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Phenobarbital falls into the category of barbiturate drugs. Barbiturates suppress the activity of the nervous system and the brain to reduce the threat or even heal seizures or anxiety. Phenobarbital is both a generic drug and a branded product going by the names of Solfoton or Luminal.

Phenobarbital application and use

Phenobarbital is a medication that is often given to young children who are the most vulnerable to seizures and related nervous system issues. Rarer cases might see Phenobarbital administration to patients who suffer from sleep deprivation, anxiety, and drug withdrawal. This drug is most frequently administered to patients who are suffering from epilepsy and has an effect that usually lasts anywhere between 4 and 48 hours. Phenobarbital can come in oral solutions, tablets, or an injectable form. The latter is sometimes given to patients who are diagnosed with status epilepticus. Injections are administered directly into the muscle. Currently, this medication is listed in the WHO’s List of Essential Medicine and often is labeled as the cheapest and safest anti-seizure medicine out there. Phenobarbital is a prescription-only or even a controlled drug in some countries. It is also worth mentioning that Phenobarbital has veterinary application purposes for dogs, horses, and even cats.

How does Phenobarbital work?

Phenobarbital begins activity within 30 minutes once it is taken by mouth or within five minutes after injection. The mechanism of action revolves around increasing the chloride ion stream into neurons that are responsible for suppressing the post-synaptic neutron’s excitability. Subsequently, hyperpolarisation results in a significant reduction of general excitatory aspects. Phenobarbital works by making it very difficult to depolarise the neuron, and this results in an effect that allows labeling this drug as anticonvulsant or even hypnotic.

Daily dosage & other important info

The daily dosage is written on product labels. Consumption advice could also be given by health care professionals, doctors, and pharmacists. Patients must always follow those instructions to reduce the risk of side effects and avert other dangers. Drugs and medication, like Phenobarbital, are to be taken long-term. It is a very sensitive type of pharmaceutical product, so make sure that bypassers and other individuals cannot get to them because such drugs might be addictive. Phenobarbital might have a suppressive effect on birth control/contraceptive pills. Phenobarbital could be transmitted through breastfeeding, so usually, it is not recommended to breastfeed while taking this drug. Patients who are allergic to barbiturates or those who have a history of addiction should not be given barbiturates.

Phenobarbital manufacturers

Buyers at Pipelinepharma can find Phenobarbital for sale that was manufactured in Bangladesh, India, Argentina, or even the EU. Every single manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and supplier is licensed and approved so that you can be 100% sure of safety and product quality. Suppliers and manufacturers of this drug sometimes combine this medication with Phenytoin, sodium, or other compositional elements. By the way – every company that offers this or any other medication for sale, and more specifically – wholesale, can get approved and start selling goods on Pipelinepharma. Get in touch to get featured!

Cost of Phenobarbital

The price of Phenobarbital is not very high. In general, retail costs vary around 30-60 USD per 60 tablets for retail. Injections are more expensive. Wholesale B2B price can be two or three times lower than the cost for regular consumers in pharmacies. Moreover, the prices listed here are merely points of reference and guidelines because you could get an even better deal from suppliers on Pipelinepharma. We recommend getting offers from as many suppliers as you can before placing an order. This way, you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Buying Phenobarbital on Pipelinepharma

If you are a buyer that is interested in purchasing Phenobarbital online, Pipelinepharma makes the whole process much quicker and simpler. It all takes only a few minutes. Search for the necessary drugs, medication, or pharmaceutical products on our marketplace. Request quotes from suppliers after you have narrowed down possible options, and finally – proceed to place an order after you agree on terms. That’s it! No need for third-party involvement or time-wasting.

Side effects

Phenobarbital could trigger adverse side effects. Those include · Depression and mood swings (the latter is common for seniors and children) · Feeling hungover or drunk · An overall lack of energy and dizziness · Strange pains and aches · Trouble breathing · Aggravated skin – from rash, all the way to burning or painful sensations Please keep in mind that only some of the common and not all side effects were listed. Most of the time, these side effects emerge as a result of an allergic reaction or overdose. To minimize the risk of unwanted side effects, patients should carefully follow the instructions of their doctors and labels. If any of the side effects are noticed, the patient should probably seek medical attention and stop taking the drug.