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Omeprazole manufacturers

What is Omeprazole?

Omeprazole is a drug that belongs to a class of pharmaceuticals called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). It is used to treat conditions caused by excess stomach acid, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), peptic ulcers, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, a rare condition that causes the stomach to produce too much acid.

Omeprazole works by blocking the enzyme in the stomach wall that produces acid, which helps reduce the amount of acid produced. This can help to relieve symptoms such as heartburn, chest pain, and difficulty swallowing.

Omeprazole is available in several forms, including capsules, tablets, and powder for oral suspension. It is usually taken once a day before a meal, and the dose and duration of treatment can vary depending on the condition and the patient's needs.

Omeprazole is available by prescription and over-the-counter in many countries and is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for acid-related conditions. It is generally considered safe and effective when used as directed. Still, like all medications, it can have potential side effects and interactions with other drugs, so it's important to talk to a healthcare provider before taking Omeprazole.

Omeprazole forms and dosage

Omeprazole is available in several forms, including capsules, tablets, and powder for oral suspension. The dose and duration of treatment can vary depending on health conditions and the patient's needs.

For most conditions, the usual recommended dose of Omeprazole is 20 mg taken once daily, although higher doses may be used for certain conditions. The medication is usually taken before a meal, and it is important to swallow the capsule or tablet whole without crushing, breaking, or chewing it.

For patients with difficulty swallowing, omeprazole powder for oral suspension can be mixed with water and taken by mouth or a feeding tube. The dose and duration of treatment with omeprazole powder for oral suspension can vary depending on the patient's needs and the treated condition.

The duration of treatment can vary depending on the condition being treated and the patient's individual needs, and it's important to complete the full course of treatment even if symptoms improve.

Omeprazole patent information

The patent for Omeprazole has expired in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and most of Europe. The original patent for Omeprazole was filed by AstraZeneca, the company that developed and marketed the medication, in the early 1980s and was granted in 1986. The patent expired in the United States in 2001 and in Europe in 2002, allowing other companies to start producing and marketing generic versions of the medication.

However, AstraZeneca also holds additional patents related to Omeprazole formulations, methods of use, and other aspects of the medication, which can limit the ability of other companies to produce and market certain Omeprazole products. These patents can vary in expiration dates and geographic scope.

Omeprazole manufacturers and brand names

Omeprazole is manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies worldwide and is available under various brand names. Some of the most well-known brand names for Omeprazole include:

  • Prilosec (marketed by AstraZeneca in the United States)
  • Losec (marketed by AstraZeneca in Europe and other regions)
  • Zegerid (marketed by Santarus and Salix Pharmaceuticals in the United States)
  • Omez (marketed by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories in India)
  • Omebeta (marketed by Betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH in Germany)
  • Omepral (marketed by Pfizer in some countries).

These are just a few examples of the many brand names under which Omeprazole is sold. Generic versions of Omeprazole are also available under various names, depending on the manufacturer and the country.

There is a long list of available manufacturers and suppliers of Omeprazole. These include Actavis Labs, Apotex, Aurobindo Pharma, Breckenridge, Dr. Reddys, Glenmark Generics, Hetero Labs, Impax Labs, Lannett, Lupin, Mylan, Sandoz, Teva, Xiromed, Zydus, AstraZeneca, Dexcel Pharma, Sun Pharm, Spil, Covis, Perrigo, Ajanta Pharma, Aurolife Pharma, Guardian Drug, Par Pharm, Unicorn, Salix and Bayer.

Omeprazole wholesale price

In the United States, the wholesale price of a 30-day supply of 20 mg omeprazole capsules can range from around $10 to $80, depending on the manufacturer and the vendor. However, these prices can vary depending on the specific market conditions, and individual pharmacies may charge different prices.

In the United Kingdom, the NHS drug tariff price for a 28-day supply of 20mg omeprazole capsules is £4.92, while the price of a 28-day supply of 40mg omeprazole capsules is £5.04. 

The German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) sets reimbursement prices for prescription drugs in Germany, which can serve as a reference for the wholesale prices of drugs. As of January 2023, the G-BA reimbursement price for a 30-day supply of 20mg omeprazole capsules is €2.58, while the price for a 30-day supply of 40mg omeprazole capsules is €2.90.

However, these prices may not reflect the actual cost to pharmacies or other healthcare providers, as they do not account for other factors, such as shipping, handling, and insurance costs.

Omeprazole versus Omeprazole Sodium

Omeprazole and Omeprazole Sodium are similar but not identical medicines. Omeprazole Sodium is a salt form of Omeprazole that is often used in injectable formulations. Because it is in a salt form, Omeprazole Sodium is more soluble in water than Omeprazole, making it easier to administer by injection.

Although Omeprazole and Omeprazole sodium have similar pharmacological effects, they may have different dosages and indications for use. Omeprazole is typically used to treat conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, while Omeprazole Sodium may be used in hospitals for the treatment of conditions such as bleeding ulcers or severe acid reflux.

It's important to note that Omeprazole and Omeprazole Sodium are not interchangeable without the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Connecting to Omeprazole manufacturers and suppliers

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