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Natamycin Manufacturers

Natamycin is a Polyene Antimicrobial with antifungal properties belongs to a class of drugs known as Polyenes. Natamycin is mainly used topically to treat fungal infections that are generally seen in patients who are immunocompromised. This drug treats only fungal eye infections. Natamycin is produced by a pure culture of Streptomyces natalensis bacteria following a strictly controlled fermentation process. Natamycin is used for variety of fungal infections like fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and keratitis caused by certain organism including Fusarium solani keratitis. Natamycin is advised as a prescription product which is available only with doctor’s prescription. Before using this medication, the risk of taking the drug must be weighed against the benefits it provides. It is always recommended to consult a physician before taking Natamycin as this medication may interact with other drugs and health problems. Manufacturers market Natamycin under the Brand name of Natacyn, Pimaricin and Delvocid. Natamycin is available in the dosage form of Suspension / Drops and are administered via Ophthalmic route. This drug is available in 50 mg / 1mL or 5 % dosage strength. Natamycin is supplied in 15mL quantity in a 15 mL amber glass bottle. A flint glass dropper with a red plastic closure and a black rubber bulb are packaged separately. The recommended initial dosage of Natamycin 5 % in fungal keratitis in adults is one drop instilled in the conjunctival sac every one hour or two-hour intervals for first 3 - 4 days, after that the frequency of application can be reduced to one drop 6 – 8 times daily. Therapy should be continued until there is a resolution of active fungal keratitis. Stopping the medication too early may allow the fungus to continue to grow which result in the return of the infection. The usual dose of natamycin in adults for conjunctivitis / fungal blepharitis is one drop instilled in the conjunctival sac 4-6 times a day. Patients using contact lens have to remove it before the administration of this medication and one has to sterilize the contact lens as per the manufacturer’s direction.. Natamycin is not recommended for pediatric as safety and efficacy have not been established. Natamycin Ophthalmic Suspension is stored between 2° C to 24° C (36° F - 75° F). It should not be freeze and must avoid exposure to light and excessive heat.

Wholesale Price of Natamycin

In U.S, the cost for Natamycin ophthalmic suspension 5% is around $ 353 for a supply of 15 milliliters with per unit cost of $ 23.54, which depends on the pharmacy one visits.

Natamycin - Mechanism of Action

Natamycin works by stopping the growth of fungus by binding to sterols. Particularly, Natamycin binds to ergosterol in the fungal cell membrane thereby increasing membrane permeability. This prevents ergosterol-dependent fusion of vacuoles as well as membrane fusion and fission. Following ophthalmic application, natamycin is retained in the conjunctival fornices and gain effective concentration within the corneal stroma where Natamycin exhibits its effect. Natamycin also protects food products by binding to ergosterol in the cell wall.

Finding Natamycin Manufacturers and Suppliers

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