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monoclonal antibody fragment against vaginolysin + lactic acid

Ovules - 1.8 g

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European Union
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Product description
The product offered to you contains a patented innovative compound of active ingredients that contains an antibody* fragment capable of specifically neutralizing vaginolysin, a toxin secreted by the pathogenic bacterium Gardnerella Vaginalis. This innovative product inhibits all pathogenesis chains of vaginosis, this differs it from other products. Exceptional efficacy due mode of action is achieved. *Innovative monoclonal antibodies against vaginolysin (fragments of which are used in the formulation) are protected by EU patent.
Manufacturer #9409
A pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Europe that has been active for 30+ years. The main therapeutic areas include gynecology. The main dosage forms include solids, liquids, and injectables. The company's production lines are EU GMP-compliant.

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