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The goal when it was founded in the 1990s was to deliver therapeutic answers to medical demands that had previously gone unmet by giant pharmaceutical companies. Almost two decades later, reality has surpassed our expectations. It is a fast-growing OTC company with direct operations in approximately 11 European countries and collaborations that have expanded its product availability to over 90 countries worldwide.

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What is Mitotane?

Mitotane is a steroidogenesis inhibitor and cytostatic antineoplastic. Mitotane drug is a cancer medicine to treat adrenal cortical carcinoma that could not be treated by surgery. It works by slowing growth or reducing the size of the tumor. Bristol and Myers Squibb produce mitotane medicine, they market it as an orphan drug due to the rare patients in need. It was developed in 1960. European Union had the marketing authorization for Mitotane in 2004.

Mitotane wholesalers and manufacturers:

Mitotane is a globally found medicine; there are 15 reliable international mitotane suppliers. Three countries manufacture mitotane drugs. The leading Mitotane manufacturer is Bristol and Myers Squibb. Mitotane is also known as Lysodren for its Bristol and Myers Squibb brand name or Opeprim. Mitotane distributors market it in the form of oral tablets of 500 mg and sometimes in powder.

Mitotane for sales:

The retail prices for Mitotane depend on the form the product is manufactured. For 500 mg oral tablets, Mitotane costs from $5 to $9 per unit in the US. For powder, Mitotane costs around $8 per gram in the US. On Pipelinepharma online B2B marketplace, Mitotane is available from manufacturers from the European Union. Pipelinepharma platform helps Mitotane distributors to globally find qualified manufacturers that have gone through quality control procedures to verify those qualifications. It allows you to save time and budget sourcing for qualified partners, Pipelinepharma has already done this part of the job. On the company website, you can find a list of many pharmaceutical products, including Mitotane. If you are interested in this product, you can easily place an order on the Pipelinepharma platform to find Mitotane manufacturers and start doing business.

How to use the Mitotane drug?

The dosage of Mitotane depends on the stage of the treatment. At the initial stage, an adult should take 2 to 6 g orally of Mitotane per day, in 3 or 4 doses. At the maintenance stage, an adult should take 9 to 10 g orally of Mitotane per day in 3 or 4 doses. Finally, as a maximum dosage, an adult should not take more than 16 g of Mitotane. Mitotane medication can have some side effects; the most common ones for oral medicine are nausea, anorexia, loss of appetite, diarrhea, drowsiness, weakness, darkening of the skin. Mitotane oral tablets must be stored at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light.