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insuline porcine isophane

Solution for injection 100IU/ml - 3ml, 5ml, 10ml. intermediate-acting

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It is an enterprise with a full technological cycle of production of genetically engineered insulins - from substances to finished dosage forms. More than 20 years of experience in research and production of medicines. Production of the whole range of recombinant human insulin preparations by our technology. Quality of products trusted by patients and partners in Europe, CIS, Brazil, Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen, and other countries. The company's development strategy envisages expanding its product portfolio with new medicines and medical devices to fully meet the needs of people living with diabetes, HIV / AIDS, and tuberculosis.

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Insulin porcine isophane

Insulin porcine isophane vials and cartridges sold for use with Autopen Classic pens, contain isophane insulin obtained from pig’s pancreas, is used to treat diabetes. Individuals with diabetes are deficient or can’t produce have a hormone made in the pancreas called insulin. Insulin is a hormone, that is responsible for the control of blood sugar. Patients with type 1 diabetes inject insulin to control the glucose amounts in their bloodstream and are a replacement for natural insulin. This enables peoples with diabetes to achieve normal blood glucose levels. It is intermediate-acting insulin, which when injected under the skin, starts to work in 2 hours and its effects last for 18 to 24 hours. In the background, it controls blood glucose throughout the day. Insulin porcine isophane is sold under the brand names Hypurin porcine among others. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft filed patents in the EU and US in 1974 and 1981 for the preparation of human insulin from pig insulin. It also manufactured by other companies around the world like Wockhardt in India.

Dosage and Administration

Insulin porcine isophane is sold as a Suspension for injection in 100 IU per ml. Insulin porcine isophane is usually injected subcutaneously but if needed it can be given intramuscularly. It has rapid onset of action and provides sugar control within 2 hours after administration and overall duration of 18-24 hours, with peak effect between 6 and 12 hours after administration. The site of injection has to be rotated in the same area to reduce the risk of lipodystrophy and cutaneous amyloidosis.

The price of Insulin porcine isophane

In the USA, the price of one vial of 100IU/ml costs around $88 per vial. however, this medicine is significantly cheaper in India, where 40IU/ml costs only around USD 1.9.

How does it work?

Insulin binds itself specifically to the insulin receptor. The insulin receptor is a heterotetrameric protein, that has two extracellular alpha units and two transmembrane beta units. The binding action of the alpha subunit of IR stimulates the tyrosine kinase activity, which is intrinsic to the beta subunit of the receptor. Once bound, the receptor can autophosphorylate and phosphorylate numerous intracellular substrates, which include insulin receptor substrates proteins namely, Cbl, APS, Shc, and Gab 1. Once activated, these proteins, activate downstream signaling molecules including Akt and PI3 kinase. Akt regulates the glucose transporter 4 and protein kinase C, which play a vital role in human metabolism.

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