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immunoglobulin anti-thymocyte

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Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte Manufacturers

Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte is a type of immunoglobulin that is used to avoid transplant rejection in transplant recipients. Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte is a pasteurized, refined immunoglobulin G derived from rabbits immunized with human thymocytes. This immunosuppressive medication comprises cytotoxic antibodies that target antigens on human T-lymphocytes. Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte is given as an IV infusion. According to the manufacturer, immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte should be administered into a high-flow vein through an inline 0.22-m filter. It has also been given through a peripheral vein in certain patients, although the safety of this method has not been proved, and it may raise the risk of thrombophlebitis and DVT. Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte side effects are feverish, chills, and low blood pressure. The first dosage of Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte should be given over a minimum of 6 hours, and the following doses should be given over at least 4 hours on subsequent days.

How does Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte work?

Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte is an infusion of antibodies produced from horses or rabbits towards human T cells and their progenitors (thymocytes) used to treat and prevent acute refusal in organ transplantation aplastic anemia therapy. Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte works by eliminating T-lymphocytes in your immune system, which are the cells that assault bone marrow stem cells in aplastic anemia. This permits the bone marrow of an aplastic anemia patient to replenish its supply of bone marrow stem cells, increasing blood counts.

Wholesale Price of Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte

An online search for the wholesale price for the sale of Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte for distributors will reveal a wide range of costs. The price of Immunoglobulin Anti-Thymocyte was $1224 per dose. It will change as per the store location depending on your visit and the country of the wholesale market.

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