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icatibant acetate

Injection, pre-filled syringe 30 mg/3 ml

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The company integrates and applies enormous experience and technology in the field of hospital products. Their goal is to become a global leader in intensive care units and maintain that position. The company's headquarters were established in Europe in 1980ies, and serum production was continuing in a plant in Europe till the end of the 2000s. With a nationwide market share of 50%, it has become one of the leading serum producers. They've already started making the first ready-to-use injections.

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Icatibant Acetate Manufacturer

Icatibant Acetate is sold under the trade name “Firazyr”, and is classified under the drug class of “Bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist”. It is used to treat acute attacks of hereditary angioedema, ACE inhibitor-associated angioedema, liver disease, burns, and burn infection. Subcutaneous (SC) injection of Icatibant Acetate at a dose of 30 mg is recommended for use in the abdomen. There may be a need for additional doses to be given at least every 6 hours if the response is insufficient or the symptoms recur. In 24 hours, no more than three doses may be administered. Known drug interactions are with Ramipril, Enalaprilat, Captopril, Fosinopril, Lisinopril and Benazipril. Side effects associated with this pharmaceutical medicine include allergic reactions to the site of injection, abnormal liver function tests, headache, dizziness, rash, fever, and many more. It is not yet been approved by the FDA as safe during pregnancy because there are no related studies available. However, animal studies show premature birth, abortion, and delayed parturition. For breastfeeding candidates, it is recommended that it should be done after 12 hours of drug administration. It is administered through a subcutaneous route in form of subcutaneous liquid. It was approved by the FDA on August 25, 2011, under the trade name “Firazyr” and currently has orphan drug status in the United States.

How does Icatibant Acetate work?

Bradykinin causes symptoms of hereditary angioedema, so this drug blocks action of bradykinin and relieves the condition.

The cost of Icatibant Acetate

For a bulk supply of 3 ml of Icatibant Acetate 10 mg/ml, it costs around 2,950 dollars. This price may fluctuate from seller to seller.

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