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Ibuprofen manufacturers

What is Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) usually used to relieve pain, reduce fever, and reduce inflammation in the body. The medicine works by blocking the production of certain chemicals in the body that causes pain and inflammation. Ibuprofen is available both over the counter and by prescription and is used to treat various conditions, including headache, toothache, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, arthritis, and fever. It is sold under a variety of brand names, including Advil, Motrin, and Nurofen. Ibuprofen is available in tablet, capsule, and liquid form. The drug can be taken orally or applied to the skin.

Stewart Adams discovered Ibuprofen in 1961. The UK first marketed it under the brand name Brufen in 1969. The US approved the medical use and sales of Ibuprofen in 1974. Ibuprofen is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.

Ibuprofen forms and dosage

Ibuprofen is available in several forms and dosages, including:

  1. Tablets: Ibuprofen tablets are available in strengths ranging from 200 mg to 800 mg. The recommended adult dose for pain relief is usually 200 mg to 400 mg every 4 to 6 hours. The maximum dose is 1,200 mg per day.
  2. Capsules: Ibuprofen capsules are available in strengths ranging from 200 mg to 400 mg. The recommended adult dose for pain relief is usually 200 mg to 400 mg every 4 to 6 hours. The maximum dose is 1,200 mg per day.
  3. Liquids: Ibuprofen liquids are available in various strengths and flavours for children and adults. The recommended dose for children is based on their weight and age, and the recommended dose for adults is usually 10 mL to 20 mL every 4 to 6 hours, up to a maximum of 60 mL per day.
  4. Topical gel: Ibuprofen is also available in a topical gel form that can be applied directly to the skin. This is typically used to treat localized pain and inflammation, such as arthritis in the hands or knees.

The appropriate dosage of Ibuprofen depends on several factors, including the condition being treated, the patient's age and weight, and any other medications the patient may be taking.

Ibuprofen patent information

Ibuprofen's patent has expired, and the medicine is now available as a generic drug. The original patent for Ibuprofen was held by Boots UK Limited and expired in 1985. Since then, many other pharmaceutical companies have been able to produce and market generic versions of Ibuprofen. As a result, Ibuprofen is now widely available and affordable for consumers.

Ibuprofen wholesale price

The wholesale price of Ibuprofen in the United States varies depending on the manufacturer, supplier, and quantity purchased. Generally, the price for a bottle of 1000 tablets of 200 mg Ibuprofen ranges from $10 to $30 for generic versions and can go up to $60 for brand-name products. 

In Europe, generally, the wholesale price of a bottle of 1000 tablets of 200 mg Ibuprofen ranges from €10 to €30 for generic versions and can be higher for brand-name products. However, prices can vary across different countries within Europe.

Ibuprofen manufacturers and brands

Ibuprofen is available in both generic and brand-name formulations. Some of the most well-known brand names of Ibuprofen include:

  • Advil
  • Motrin
  • Nurofen
  • Brufen
  • Calprofen
  • Cuprofen
  • Fenbid

In addition to these brand-name products, many manufacturers produce generic versions of Ibuprofen. Some of the largest manufacturers of generic Ibuprofen include Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.

Other Ibuprofen producers are Akorn, Inc, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo Company, Taro Pharmaceuticals, Pliva, Major Pharmaceuticals, Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Camber Pharmaceuticals, Ascend Laboratories, AvKare, Bionpharma, PuraCap Pharmaceutical.

Different formulations of Ibuprofen

There are different formulations of Ibuprofen. Here are some differences between them:

  1. Ibuprofen: This is the most common form of Ibuprofen, available in tablet, capsule, and liquid forms. It is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream and can take up to 30 minutes to start working.
  2. Ibuprofen arginine: This form of Ibuprofen is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream than regular Ibuprofen. It is often used for fast pain relief, such as dental pain or headaches. It is available in a tablet or oral suspension form.
  3. Ibuprofen lysine: This form of Ibuprofen is also designed to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. It is often used for the treatment of pain and fever in children. It is available in a chewable tablet or oral suspension form.
  4. Ibuprofen lysinate: This form of Ibuprofen is similar to ibuprofen lysine, but it is a salt form more soluble in water. It is used for treating pain and inflammation and is available in tablet form.

In summary, the main differences between these forms of Ibuprofen are their absorption rates, which can affect how quickly they take effect, and their intended uses, which may vary depending on the patient's age or the type of pain being treated.

Connecting to Ibuprofen manufacturers and suppliers

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