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1 products found

horsetail aerial parts + magnesium sulfate + acacia senegal + blueberry + rhubarb rhizome

Sachets 600 mg + 570 mg + 300 mg + 250 mg + 250 mg - 10 ml

Country of origin
European Union
Recommended use
Detox and cleanse
Product description
Pineapple stem; Thistle fruit; Blend of dry compound phytoextract; Goldenrodcaerial part with flowers. Draining action thanks to Caigua and Equiseto, while I purify with Milk thistle. With Goldenrod I carry out a strong diuretic and draining action. Also contains, in an enhanced dose: Rhubarb to promote intestinal transit, Bilberry to improve the functionality of the microcirculation, Pineapple Stalk to counteract the imperfections of cellulite. Without GMOs. Gluten free. Glycemic tested. Without added water. Without alcohol. Without dyes. Without sweeteners. No added sugars (naturally contains sugars).
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