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Exenatide is a medication that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. The supplier of exenatide markets it in the form of fast-release as well as extended-release injectable solution preparation kits as well as injectable solutions. The drug was first approved for medical use in 2005 and has since become registered and marketed in over 80 countries worldwide. Exenatide’s manufacturer is Amylin Pharmaceuticals, whereas the commercialization and distribution rights belong to Astra Zeneca (i.e. it is the sole exenatide supplier globally). Given that the supplier’s patent for exenatide is still valid, other manufacturers and vendors have yet to introduce generic or trade name formulations of the drug. The retail prices per 4 injectable solution kits with 2mg powder of exenatide and solvent for an extended-release injectable solution costs approximately 90,00 EUR to 120,00 EUR. Pharmaceutical specialists are welcome to browse through offers of exenatide injectable solution kits for sale from exenatide suppliers and distributors on our pharmaceutical marketplace, or else seek out further useful medical information about the medication online at the official Byetta website.