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Chloramphenicol Applications

  Chloramphenicol is a Broad-Spectrum antibiotic, considered the safest medicine for treating the most commonly occurring bacterial infections. Primarily used for Eye, Ear, and other common infections, Its efficacy earned it the accolade of being ' One of the safest and most effective medicines' to be present in any Healthcare system by the World Health Organization. Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic. Chloramphenicol is used to cure different types of bacterial infection by stopping them from growing and multiplying. Chloramphenicol is commonly used as an ointment in the treatment of conjunctivitis and ear infections. It is also used in the treatment of typhoid fever, cholera, and meningitis, administered through mouth or by injection. It is recommended especially when safer antibiotics cannot be used. Chloramphenicol is used by all age, socio-economic groups worldwide, and is one of the most widely used medicines. The conditions that it treats occur globally, so it is has become very popular treating some of the most occurring ailments.  

Discovery and Manufacturers

First discovered in 1947 in a lab, Chloramphenicol was the first antibiotic to be made instead of extracted from a micro-organism. Its safety and efficacy earned it a place on the WHO list of " Essential medicines" to have in any system.  Given the global use and efficacy, it is manufactured and sold globally, by more than 40 manufacturers under at least 15 different brand names Worldwide. Some famous brands include Chloramex, Chloramphenicolum and Chlornitromycin. It manufactured and supplied mostly in Asia, the US, EU, and Israel.  


  Chloramphenicol is available as an eye ointment to treat conjunctivitis. It can be taken through an oral route or through an injection into a vein. The dosage of the medicine depends on the required treatment, the infection, and the body part. For example, The eye drops have 0.5% - 1% concentration, whereas the ear drops, have a concentration of 5%-10% and are used as per the Doctor's prescription.   

Side effects

Chloramphenicol has some minor side effects like stinging or burning in the eye in 1 of 100 users, but this irritation lasts only for a short time. The same goes when used in treating ear infections. It is not advised for people with aplastic anemia. It is also known to cause bone marrow suppression in rare cases. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are advised to check with doctors before use.  

Wholesale Price of Chloramphenicol

The wholesale price of Chloramphenicol intravenous injection in the developing world is between $0.40 - $1.90, whereas it costs $41.47 for the same in the USA.  

How Does Chloramphenicol Work?

It works by stopping the growth of certain proteins, in that it prevents certain proteins from synthesizing thus preventing bacterial growth, which resulted in the infection in the first place. Chloramphenicol is also used to treat typhoid, cholera, and meningitis.    

Finding Chloramphenicol Manufacturers and Suppliers

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