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Bortezomib Manufacturers

Bortezomib comes under the class of antineoplastic agents. Bortezomib is prescribed for Multiple Myeloma (MM) and Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Bortezomib comes under the drug category of the first-line approved drug as proteasome inhibitor approved by FDA in the year 2005. It is a highly active agent for the clinical treatment of cancer (MM) and this drug has reversibly inhibiting abilities with proteasomal activities which helps in oncogenic pathways in tumor cells. Manufacturers market Bortezomib with a Brand name of Velcade, Bortrac, Onboard. Bortezomib is advised as a prescription product as well as a generic prescription product. Bortezomib comes in a dosage form of Injection, Lyophilized Powder for reconstitution, and is available in a dosage strength of 3.5 mg /1, 1 mg/1 ml. Bortezomib for Injection is supplied as individually cartooned 10 mL vials containing 3.5 mg of bortezomib which is of single-use. Before using this medication, the risk of taking the drug must be weighed against the benefits it provides. It is always recommended to consult a physician before taking Amphotericin B as this medication may interact with other drugs and health problems. Starting dose of Bortezomib is 1.3 mg/m² which is administered intravenously at a concentration of 1mg/mL twice a week for 2 weeks by a 10-day of resting period and repeated for 6 cycles or by subcutaneously with 2.5mg/ml. Prior to Bortezomib administration, patients need to be premedicated with another drug that is absorbed within the GT like Methylprednisolone. Peak serum concentration is reached at 30 minutes and the drug is cleared within 1 hour. Bortezomib was used progressively in the setting of Solid-organ Transplantation. Optimal effects and responses are obtained with Bortezomib when antibody-mediated rejection is observed in early post-transplant. In recent times there was an observation which was made, and it says that Bortezomib provides effective therapy for antibody mediated rejection in heart and lung transplants. Bortezomib is cytotoxic to a variety of cancer in vitro cell types and causes a delay in tumor growth in vivo cell types, including multiple myeloma. Bortezomib vials may be stored at controlled room temperature 25° C (77° F), with excursions permitted from 15° C to 30° C (59° F to 86° F).

Wholesale price of Bortezomib

The cost for Bortezomib intravenous powder for injection 3.5 mg is around $1,356 for a supply of 1 powder for injection depending on the pharmacy one visits.

Bortezomib - Mechanism of Action

Bortezomib is a selective inhibitor of 26S proteasome, preventing the activation of NF-κB. Though Bortezomib is a reversible inhibitor, it has a low degree of disassociation and remains very stable for several hours. Bortezomib induces apoptosis of rapidly dividing metabolically active cells with extensive protein synthesis. The ability of Bortezomib to target plasma cells as a new therapeutic approach in the treatment or prevention of alloantibody formation in organ transplantation. With the administration of Bortezomib drug progressively distributes into the tissues of the body with an initial plasma distribution- general observation of half-life of bortezomib would be about 10 minutes subsequently with a terminal elimination of more than 40 hours.

Finding Bortezomib Manufacturers and Suppliers

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