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The company has more than 70 years of expertise in the service of health. It aims to offer and promote the best health care while actively contributing to therapeutic innovation. The company has strong values on demanding ethics, the spirit of innovation, concern for quality, and care for continuous improvement for the benefit of the partners and the patients.

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There are many uses of aluminium in pharmaceutical products, ranging from indirect additives used in food contact substances, such as in the case of aluminum oxide, to active ingredients in antacid medications used to treat conditions such as heartburn, as in the case of aluminum hydroxide. Both aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide have long been produced by aluminum manufacturers and aluminum suppliers for sale on the global marketplace. Where they can frequently be found on the pharmaceutical products list of distributors, being readily available for wholesale order at a variety of cost and price points. In nature, aluminum oxide with a chemical formula of Al2O3 occurs in various minerals such as bauxite or corundum, from which it is predominantly extracted from by manufacturers. This is similar for aluminium hydroxide, with a chemical formula of Al(OH)3, which can be found in nature as the mineral gibbsite, also known as hydrargillite, and its three other forms of bayerite, doyleite, and nordstrandite. Although initial fears existed in the 1960s and 1970s regarding the safety of aluminum and its forms (aluminium hydroxide and aluminum oxide) in relation to triggering various neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease. These were dispelled in subsequent years, with multiple epidemiological studies finding no connection between exposure to environmental or swallowed aluminium and the indicated neurological disorders. Currently, the safety has been established, with aluminium hydroxide and aluminum oxide being of low human toxicity.

Pharmaceutical aluminium action and use:

Not all forms of aluminium can strictly be defined as drugs. For example, aluminum oxide generally does not produce a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. It is predominantly only used as an abrasive in toothpaste, as a dispersing agent food additive, and for a few functions in hemodialysis. A notable exception to this is that of aluminium hydroxide, which is used as a medication to relieve the symptoms of ulcers, heartburn or dyspepsia. This is enabled by its antacid nature, reacting with and neutralizing excess acid in the stomach. It is also used as an adjuvant in some vaccines and to control hyperphosphatemia in people and animals suffering from kidney failure.

Form and dosage of pharmaceutical aluminium:

The final form and packaging of aluminium are dependent on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the specific distributors and order. As such, it can come in forms including, vials, syringes, tablets, film-coated tablets, and capsules, among many others. For dosages, please refer to the manufacturers’ instructions, as it is individual to condition being treated.

Aluminium hydroxide on Pipelinepharma:

Currently, we have found 6 verified aluminum hydroxide manufacturers and aluminum hydroxide suppliers from our online global list of wholesale B2B sellers. These manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are located in countries including Malaysia, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand, Kuwait, and India. Each company on the online platform has been verified according to strict quality control by the Pipelinepharma team. This ensures seller reputability while reducing sourcing hassle and mileage.

Price of aluminium hydroxide and how to buy:

The price of aluminium hydroxide is highly dependent on numerous factors such as source, manufacturers, quantity, and market. Therefore an exact cost is impossible to indicate. Although the prices on the B2B wholesale Pipelinepharma marketplace remain confidential between both B2B parties, the seller may choose to list a desired price to facilitate the online transaction. If so, an ‘Accept’ and ‘Negotiate’ button will be displayed through the online interface, with a ‘Get offer’ button being shown in its absence.