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acetylsalicylic acid

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It was incorporated in the 1980s as a small-scale manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals. Following the implementation of GMP requirements by the Ministry of Health and the expansion of the business operations. They also provide OEM facilities with the same stringent standards of quality and acceptability that apply to their home-brand products.

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Acetylsalicylic acid also called Aspirin is used to reduce pain, fever, or inflammation from conditions such as muscle aches, toothaches, common cold, and headaches. Specific inflammatory conditions treated include Kawasaki disease, pericarditis, and rheumatic fever. Aspirin decreases the risk of death if given shortly after a heart attack. Aspirin is also prescribed in long-term to prevention of heart attacks, ischaemic strokes, and blood clots amongst people at high risk. AC is also known to decrease the risk certain types of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. Acetylsalicylic acid is famously sold under the brand name Aspirin amongst others. In 1897, Scientists at the Bayer Company studied acetylsalicylic acid as a less-irritating replacement medication for common salicylate medicines. In 1899, Bayer named it "Aspirin" and sold it around the world. Aspirin's grew to be very popular between 1900-1950s leading to competition between many brands and formulations. The word ‘Aspirin’ was coined by Bayer's but the rights to the trademark were lost or sold in many countries. A precursor to Acetylsalicylic acid is found in leaves of willow tree and has been used for its health effects for nearly 2500 years. Forms and Dosage

Forms and Dosage

Acetylsalicylic acid is sold in the forms of a tablet, as a delayed-release tablet, a chewable tablet, a enteric-coated tablets and extended-release capsule. In the treatment of Pain and Fever, for immediate relief, a dose of 325- 650 mg is given every 4 hours or 975 mg every 6 hours or 500-1,000 mg every 4-6 hours for no more than 10 days with maximum capped at 4g per day. In the treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome, the dosage is 160-325 mg, chewable non-enteric- coated within minutes of symptoms. In addition, if the patient is not able to take it through the oral route then they may give 300-600 mg suppository. Moreover, in the treatment of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, the Pre procedure dose is 162-325 mg and Post procedure dose is 81 mg per day. In the treatment of Primary ASCVD, the dose for Adults aged 40-70 years is 75-100 mg per day for select adults who are at higher risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. In the treatment of Ischemic Stroke & Transient Ischemic Attack, the Initial dose is 160-325 mg within 48 hours of stroke OR onset, followed by 75-100 mg every day and for Anti-Inflammatory purposes, the dosage is 2.1-7.3 g per day in divided doses and in the treatment of Colorectal Cancer, the recommended dose is 600 mg per day.

The Price Of Acetylsalicylic Acid

In india, the price of 24 chewable tablets of 300 mg strength cost about USD1. Whereas the USA, the consumers have to pay USD6.35 for the same supply for the medicine.

How does Acetylsalicylic acid work?

AC is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory NSAID. It works similarly to other NSAIDs in addition to being able to suppress the normal functioning of platelets. Aspirin inhibits the activity of the enzyme called cyclooxygenase which leads to the formation of prostaglandins that cause inflammation, swelling, pain and fever.

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