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Quality, price, innovative molecules as well as the established validity of the active ingredients selected by the doctors due to their effectiveness and reliability, are key factors that enable the company to place its products in the hands of more than 1.5 million patients every month. It is dedicated to the development of pharmaceuticals for psychiatry, cardiology, diabetes, dentistry, gynecology, and oncology, among others.

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Zopiclone is a drug sold under the brand name Imovane and is used for treating sleeping disorders such as insomnia. The drug is available in the form of tablets and also as a liquid for people who find it difficult to swallow tablets. The manufacturers have taken this factor into consideration for the convenience of the patients. This drug can be purchased only with a prescription from a medical practitioner. It boosts the effectiveness of a chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain which has a calming effect. This also enhances the sleep quality of an individual.
As the drug has sedative properties, it results in the tranquilization of the central nervous system. The body becomes accustomed to the effects of the medication after prolonged use. Withdrawal symptoms can be expected if the drug is stopped abruptly if the dosage is reduced. This can include a wide range of symptoms. However, they are not life-threatening in any way. Patients usually experience anxiety or agitation during the withdrawal period.
Zopiclone is not available commercially in the United States. You cannot place an order online for the purpose of safety. Its active isomer eszopiclone is popular in the country. This drug is a controlled substance in some European nations, Brazil, Japan, and in the United States. The wholesale market is strictly regulated in these nations. It is also considered to be illegal to have this drug without any prescription. Hence, you cannot find it easily put up for sale along with other pharmaceutical products. Zopiclone is popularly referred to as a Z-drug. It is recommended to take this drug on a short-term basis which is for a tenure of two weeks or less. It is not advised to use this drug daily and caution must be exercised in using it in conjunction with other sedatives or antidepressants. The manufacturers have hence been instructed to take special care of the distribution of the wholesale offering. The distributors are required to possess a valid license for distributing this drug. Zopiclone was first developed and introduced by the company Rhone-Poulenc which is now a part of Sanofi Aventis and also the main global manufacturer of the drug in the world. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has placed this drug under Schedule IV list as there is sufficient evidence to prove that the drug has addictive properties. Zopiclone suppliers sell the drug worldwide as a mixture of two stereoisomers of which one of them is active.
Sepracor, a pharmaceutical company of Massachusetts in the year 2005 started marketing eszopiclone, the active stereoisomer under the brand name Lunesta. The company is one of the leading Zopiclone suppliers. This shot the popularity of the stereoisomer and it is widely used in the United States. It is currently popular in the marketplace of several European countries, Hong Kong and Brazil as per the information offered by the distributors of this drug. The B2B sales of this drug are only getting stronger owing to the massive demand. The manufacturers have tapped into the potential of this drug quite well.
The normal dosage of Zopiclone is 3mg of the therapeutic stereoisomer. The strongest dosage is 10mg which consists of 5mg of the active stereoisomer. Zopiclone has gained wide acceptance by patients and practitioners alike. It is currently one of the most frequently dispensed hypno-sedative agents in Canada. Zopiclone 3.75 mg tablets cost £9.00 in the UK.
There has been a substantial increase in the use of this drug since 1996. Of the top 100 products sold, Zopiclone ranked 30th in the year 2003. Zopiclone manufacturers have a reason to rejoice because of the surge in popularity of the drug.
Zopiclone, despite being considered an addictive drug, will be prescribed for insomnia as scientifically speaking it is associated with fewer problems during clinical studies as opposed to Benzodiazepines. Some are even of the opinion that this drug is not addictive on its own but produces euphoria when used in conjunction with alcohol and other specific compounds. Many users are still not aware of its dependence potential. However, Zopiclone manufacturers do specify the dosage and restrictions on the product label to be on the safer side. You can head to Pipelinepharma if you want to strike a lucrative deal with trusted Zopiclone manufacturers in the world. The entire process is hassle-free.