xylitol Tablets, orally disintegrating (ODT) 95.5 %

Country of origin
European Union
Recommended use
Oral health
Product description
For oral and dental well-being. Only xylitol has been used as a sweetener. Vegan.
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XYLITOL manufacturer

Xylitol is a naturally occurring five-carbon sugar alcohol. Xylitol is categorized as sugar alcohol as they are chemically a combined trait of sugar molecules and alcohol molecules. Xylitol is found in most plant materials, including many fruits and vegetables, and is therefore considered natural. Xylitol-rich plant materials include birch and beechwood. It is widely used as a sugar substitute and in “sugar-free” food products. Xylitol is a common ingredient in candies, mint, diabetes-friendly foods. The effects of Xylitol on dental caries have been widely studied, and xylitol is added to some chewing gums and other oral care products to prevent tooth decay and dry mouth. As a medicine, xylitol is used to prevent middle ear infections (otitis media) in young children, and as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes. Xylitol is sometimes included in tube feeding formulas as a source of energy. Xylitol is added to water for use in nasal irrigation for people with sinus problems. Xylitol is marketed by manufacturers under the Brand name of Xylite, Xylitol, Xylit, Birch Sugar, and Xylosweet to name a few. Xylitol is available in solid-state in the form of a Tablet (chewable), Paste (dentifrice), Powder (dentifrice), Gum (Chewing) which is administered/taken orally. The recommended dose is 6-10 grams per day. Xylitol chewing gum was effective in reducing dental caries when divided into at least 3 consumption periods per day for a total dose of 6 to 10 g. For adults 21 years and older at high risk of caries, consideration may be given for the daily use of five 1 g xylitol lozenges. In children, the daily dose varied from 8.4 g in chewing gum to 10 g in syrup to prevent ear infections. At high dosages, Xylitol can cause diarrhea in children at 45 grams per day and 100 grams per day in adults. Manufacturers supply Xylitol in various strengths which range from as low as 6 Oz, 12 Oz, 13 Oz to as high as 1 Lb., 3 Lb. and 5 Lb. Xylitol should be stored in original cartons in a cool and dry place at room temperature in a well-sealed container. Xylitol is stable to heat but is slightly hygroscopic. Caramelization can occur only if it is heated for several minutes near its boiling point. Milled and specialized granulated grades of xylitol have a tendency to cake and should therefore be used within 9 – 12 months. Aqueous xylitol solutions have been reported to be stable, even on prolonged heating and storage. Warnings: Follow all Instructions on your medicine package and label. It is wise to tell your healthcare providers about all your medical allergies, illnesses, and all medicines you use. Before taking XYLITOL: You should not use This medical drug if you are allergic to it This drug may also be used for purposes that may not have been listed in this medication guide. Buyers are advised that online sellers may attempt to market fraudulent versions of the generic drug, whereas Pipeline Pharma, through its pre-auditing and quality control procedures ensures that only verified rosiglitazone manufacturers and wholesalers enter our online marketplace, offering you a risk-free B2B pharmaceutical sales platform.

How does XYLITOL work?

The usage of this pharmaceutical substance: Read the Guide and, if available, the Patient Information Leaflet that will be provided by your pharmacist before you start taking XYLITOL. If you have any questions related to this medical remedy, ask your pharmacist or doctor. Xylitol cannot be metabolized by the typical acid-forming bacteria found in dental plaque and bacteria cannot use xylitol as a nutrient. Xylitol is converted into xylitol 5-phosphate (X5P) after its uptake into bacterial cells and X5P may inhibit bacterial metabolism including acid production. Thus, xylitol inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutants and Streptococcus sobrinus and inhibits acid production by these organisms in the presence of other sugars. Over time with xylitol use, the quality of the bacteria in the mouth changes, and fewer and fewer decay-causing bacteria survive on the tooth surface.

The Wholesale Price of XYLITOL?

It is obtainable in generic and brand versions. It is not covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but pharmacy coupons can help balance the price. Wholesale Price of Xylitol There are wide varieties of Xylitol available and the wholesale price of Xylitol (powder) ranges from $3.00 - $5.00 per kilogram. One can get the Xylitol pouch of 16 Oz for about $6.98 which is $0.44 / Oz. Prices may vary on the pharmacy you visit.

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