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It was founded in the 2000s. The main aim of the position itself in the market as a company dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of new generation specialized generic and biosimilar medicines.

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Travoprost treats high pressure inside the eye including glaucoma, specifically used for open-angle glaucoma when other agents are not sufficient. It is an eye drop which shows effects generally within two hours. Its actions lower high pressure inside the eye which helps in preventing blindness. Travoprost regulates the flow of fluid in the eye thus helping to maintain a normal pressure. Travoprost is sold under the brand name Travatan among others. Kabi Pharmacia Ab first file patent or the process to make Travoprost in 1991. It was later approved for sales in the USA and EU in 2001. In 2017, it was prescribed to more than two million patients and is now sold as a generic medication in the United Kingdom.

Dosage and administration

Travoprost is sold as a sterile Ophthalmic Solution 0.004%, for Topical Ophthalmic Use. Travoprost dosage is recommended at one drop in the affected eye once a day in the evening. It should not be administered more than once a day as frequent administration of prostaglandin analogs can reduce the intraocular pressure lowering effect. The medicine starts reducing the intraocular pressure approximately 2 hours after the first administration and the effect can up to 12 hours. It can also be used concomitantly with other topical ophthalmic medicines in lowering intraocular pressure. But while being used in combination with other drugs, they should be administered at least 5 minutes apart.

The price of Travoprost

In the USA, the average retail price of a generic eye dropper with 2.5ml of 0.0004% strength is sold or around $164.84. In India, the same supply of 2.5ml of one dropper cost around USD 8.5.

How does Travoprost work?

Travoprost is a synthetic prostaglandin analog or more specifically, an analog of prostaglandin F2α. Its actions increase the outflow of aqueous fluid from the eyes. Like other medicines of the same class, like tafluprost and latanoprost, Travoprost is an ester prodrug of the free acid. These actions make it an agonist at the prostaglandin F receptor. This helps to increase the outflow of aqueous fluid from the eye. The eventual result of this the outflow is the lowering of the intraocular pressure.

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