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Sumatriptan, sold under the brand name Imitrex among others, It is a drug that is used in treatment of headache, migraines, and bunch cerebral pains. It is taken by mouth, in the nose, or by infusion under the skin. Effects by and large happen inside three hours. Normal incidental effects include chest pressure, exhaustion, spewing, shivering, and the inclination that the world is turning. Genuine incidental effects might include serotonin condition, coronary episodes, strokes, and seizures. With exorbitant use of medicine abuse migraines might happen. It is indistinct if use in pregnancy or breastfeeding is protected. How it functions isn't completely clear. It is in the triptan class of meds. Sumatriptan was licensed in 1982 and supported for clinical use in 1991. It is accessible as a nonexclusive medication. In 2018, it was the 111th most regularly recommended drug in the United States, with more than 6 million prescriptions. It is additionally accessible as the blended item sumatriptan and naproxen. Sumatriptan is additionally displayed and it slows the movement of the trigeminal nerve, which probably represents sumatriptan's adequacy in treating group migraines. The injectable type of the medication has been displayed to cut short a bunch of cerebral pain inside 30 minutes in 77% of cases. Oral sumatriptan can be used additionally in the treatment of postdural cut cerebral pains.

What is the price of Sumatriptan?

Nowadays the price of Sumatriptan is between 12$-46$ per pill in the market. The price may increase or decrease according to market price and vary as per the pharmacy you visit.

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