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Sucralfate is a very popular rectally or orally administered medicine for patients who are suffering from a variety of conditions ranging from stomach and stress ulcers to H. Pylori.

Use of Sucralfate

Mainly, Sucralfate is used as short-term medicine when treating active duodenal ulcers. As of late, Sucralfate has joined a list of Top 250 most prescribed medications in the United States. It was ranked 236, having over 2.1 million prescriptions. This popularity comes as no surprise knowing that it has a low price and is available in both generic and branded forms. Most manufacturers produce it in either oral gel, tablet, or oral suspension form.

How does Sucralfate work?

Even though it is administered to treat and ease many conditions, medical experts still have very little knowledge about how Sucralfate works. Sucralfate manufacturers and suppliers also do not provide much insight into the exact action mechanism. Yet, some studies have shown it to attach itself to the ulcer and defend the latter from salts, acids as well as enzymes. A more detailed description of the mechanism of action would be that Sucralfate only acts in an environment that has a pH lower than 4. By responding to the stomach acid and turning into a fixative set of insoluble compounds, Sucralfate acts as a barrier between the ulcer and acidic liquids and elements that could end up harming the patient.

Daily dosage & other important info

The recommended and given dosage depends on a lot of variable factors. Those are the condition of the patient, the severity of the ulcer or the disease, and the form of medication as well. Most patients see treatment durations of 1 to 2 months, but in the case of Duodenal Ulcer Prophylaxis, for example, treatment could extend to almost a whole year. The dosage might be adjusted during treatment. Nevertheless, patients should only follow the recommendations and instructions given to them by health care professionals and doctors who are familiar with their condition. If the medication is in a liquid state is must never be given as an injection as such a mistake can have lethal consequences. Sucralfate should not be used by patients under the age of 18.

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Side effects

Sucralfate can cause dire and unpleasant side effects if the patient is allergic if they overdose or in some other rare cases as well. Once an allergic or aggravated reaction surfaces and is spotted, the patient should immediately stop taking the drugs and seek medical attention. Most common side effects include: · Diarrhoea and constipation · Head and back pains · Insomnia · Feeling dizzy or drowsy · Rashes Please keep in mind that only some of the common and not all side effects were listed.