silymarin + pyridoxine hydrochloride + folic acid Capsules 150mg+20mg+1mg

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The company started in the 1970s. It is committed to contributing in a relevant way to the health of the community, through the production and commercialization of pharmaceutical products of the highest quality. Permanently innovating in the development of new pharmaceutical specialties and new technological production processes, which allow the efficient production of quality medicines available to everyone.

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Silymarin is an extract of milk thistle seeds that has antioxidant properties and is primarily used in supplement formulations to treat liver conditions. Suppliers of silymarin market it in the forms of oral capsules, tablets, powders, as well as liquid extracts. Silymarin suppliers and distributors market both generic and trade name formulations of the drug. Buyers are advised that online sellers may attempt to market fraudulent versions of the generic drug, whereas Pipeline Pharma, through its pre-auditing and quality control procedures ensures that only verified silymarin manufacturers and wholesalers enter our online marketplace, offering you a risk-free B2B pharmaceutical sales platform. Retail prices per 30 tablets of silymarin vary approximately from 4,00 EUR to 17,00 EUR.