sevoflurane Inhalation solution 100 % - 250 ml

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Sevoflurane is a fast-acting inhalable anesthetic agent that is used to induce sleep for patients before surgery. It is marketed as a liquid solution that is turned into vapor and administered to patients orally. Inhalable anesthesia is reportedly associated with lower risks of adverse effects and is more cost-effective than anesthetics that have an intravenous route of administration. And sevoflurane accounts for approximately two-thirds of global inhalable anesthetic drug market share. This is primarily due to its satisfactory effectiveness and lower price. Isoflurane and desflurane – the two primary substitutes in this drug class are typically selected over sevoflurane when there is a need for prolonged maintenance of anesthesia for the patient. Currently, sevoflurane is available in over 120 countries worldwide, with the most popular trade name sevoflurane agent (Ultane) having been used on over 1 billion patients throughout the past 25 years. Its widespread use notwithstanding, most of the global inhalable anesthesia market is split between a limited number of manufacturers and suppliers. The largest suppliers of sevoflurane liquid solutions are AbbVie, Baxter, and Lunan Pharmaceutical. The retail price per 250ml sevoflurane liquid solution is approximately 150-250 EUR.