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Ribavirin (C8H12N4O5) or Tribavirin (the latter is a derivate, but both are generic names) is a type of antiviral medication, listed in the WHO’s list of essential medicines. It has an extensive list of applications and comes in almost 15 branded versions.

Application and use of Ribavirin

Ribavirin is usually taken by mouth if it is under the shape of capsules or film-coated tablets. However, there is also an inhaled version and a solution for injection. The most common use and application/use for these drugs is the treatment of hepatitis C. Nonetheless, if the patient is given Ribavirin to treat hepatitis C, they will likely also be given other medications like Simeprevir or Peginterferon alfa-2a, alfa-2b. Moreover, this medication can also be used to treat and heal RSV infections and viral hemorrhagic fevers that include Hantavirus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, as well as Lassa fever.

How does Ribavirin work?

Ribavirin works on both DNA and RNA viruses. The drug itself is a ribonucleic analog that suppresses and can entirely cease all RNA synthesis. By being a nucleoside inhibitor, Ribavirin can stop viruses from replicating. Once incorporated into RNA, this medication pairs with cytosine or uracil and stimulates mutations in the replication processes of RNA viruses. This process is called hypermutation. Hypermutation is fatal to the RNA virus. For DNA viruses – a detailed explanation is yet to be discovered, but the effectiveness is already proved.

Daily dosage & other important info

The daily dosage is administered and selected by the health care specialist or doctor. If it is a capsule – it should be taken with food and swallowed whole. A tablet or liquid form or Ribavirin might be administered otherwise. However, patients should always follow and be familiar with the recommendations and instructions on the labels to minimize the risk of side effects and/or overdose. The daily dosage could be altered during treatment. Ribavirin is a drug that can cause dehydration, so lots of fluids must be consumed. If this is not given proper attention, gum disease or similar issues could arise. Repetitive medical testing is required for Ribavirin consumers.

Manufacturers of Ribavirin

As of now, Pipelinepharma has a decent list of Ribavirin manufacturers and suppliers. The list is ever-growing and expanding, but as of now, buyers can place an order for this pharmaceutical product with distributors and wholesalers from India, Argentina, Canada, Bangladesh as well as China. Any buyer in the B2B market is bound to find solutions for injection or capsules of this drug for sale nearby. Furthermore, if you are reading this and represent a company that produces, supplies, or distributes drugs, and you want to get featured on our list – write to us! We can add you to our global marketplace and give you more exposure from a worldwide audience of buyers!

Ribavirin prices

Ribavirin prices are subject to change and depend on a variety of conditions. The wholesale price and cost of Ribavirin in the United States (for a course of treatment) should be around 60-70 USD. However, retail prices can easily reach 200 USD. Keep in mind that the numbers are a mere guideline and not an official statistical figure.

How to buy Ribavirin on Pipelinepharma?

1. Navigate to the search bar at the top of the website 2. Type in ‘Ribavirin’ 3. If there are too many listings or if you have a particular set of requirements – use the advanced filters system to sort suppliers and manufacturers 4. Once you narrow down your options, click ‘Get offer’ to begin negotiations with Ribavirin suppliers and/or distributors 5. After they get back to you, respond by accepting or with a counteroffer Once the terms are agreed upon, the order can be completed. That’s it. No complex paperwork, no need to wait weeks until a market scout finds a suitable supplier. The entire process is super easy and fast! Place an order for Ribavirin or any other medication at an affordable price without bothering with unimportant details.

Side effects

· Pregnant women or women who are trying to get pregnant should not take this drug as it might cause birth defects to the baby · Men who have a pregnant sex partner should also either cease to carry out sexual relations with the partner during treatment or not take Ribavirin during the time · Worsening vision · Pain in the stomach and back areas · Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting · Coughs and worsening symptoms related to breathing · Mood swings concerning depression · Anaemia · Muscle pain Only common and not all side effects were listed. Even though Ribavirin is a safe medication, due to overdose, allergic reaction, or because of other circumstances, side effects may happen. If one or more of those side effects are noticed – the patient must stop taking the drug and reach out for medical assistance and/or dosage adjustments.