protamine Ampoules, injection 5 mL - 1000 UH / mL

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The company was founded in the 1930s. They manufacture medicines and biomedical materials of the highest quality with scientifically proven efficacy and safety, designed to help save the lives of patients. They even are a manufacturer of parenteral solutions, blood transfusion bags, special small-volume injectables, and disposable medical products for critical care of critically ill patients, and their market directly to health institutions.

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Protamine Manufacturers

Protamines are amino group nuclear proteins that are hypothesized to be required for sperm head condensation and DNA integrity late in the haploid stage of spermatogenesis. They may enable more compact DNA packaging in the spermatozoon than histones, but the genetic data must first be decompressed before it can be used for protein synthesis. In humans and maybe other primates, however, histones bundle 10-15% of the sperm genome, which is thought to bind genes important for early embryonic development. The sperm-specific nuclear basic proteins are made up of protamine and protamine-like (PL) proteins (SNBPs). The PL proteins have a structure that is halfway between protamine and Histone H1. It's possible that the C-terminal region of PL is the precursor to vertebrate protamine.

How does Protamine work?

Protamine is a rather strong basic protein that interacts with strongly acidic heparin to form a stable and inactive complex (salt) when used as an antidote to heparin, according to popular belief. The anticoagulant activity of both solitary protamine and heparin is neutralized by this inactive combination of protamine and heparin. Protamine is useful for treating bleeding caused by severe heparin or low-molecular-weight heparin overdose because it acts as an effective antidote to reverse the activity of heparin. Moreover, protamine is commonly used to counteract the effects of heparin prior to the surgery and during extracorporeal circulation therapies like hemodialysis or cardiac surgery.

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