potassium phosphate Ampoules, injection 2 mEq/ml - 10 ml

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It's a manufacturing firm based in one of the biggest European countries. They specialize in the development and commercialization of medical infusion and injectable products. Locoregional anesthetics and infusion solutions including saline, glucose, electrolyte, ringer, mannitol, glycerol, and sodium bicarbonate are among them. It can also make amino acid solutions, paracetamol infusion solutions, iopamidol and contrast media for radiology, cardioplegic solutions in bags, antibiotics in bags, veterinary solutions, life-saving medicinal items like adrenaline and noradrenaline, and dialysis solutions.

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Potassium Phosphate Manufacturer

Potassium Phosphate is an electrolyte supplement that is used to treat or prevent hypophosphatemia (low blood phosphorus). Potassium phosphate is sometimes added to intravenous fluids in people who cannot eat or drink. Potassium phosphate is infused into the vein. Your initial dose will be administered by a healthcare provider, and you may be taught how to use the drug appropriately on your own. Before utilizing this pharmaceutical medicine, it must be combined with a liquid (diluent). When using injections on your own, be sure you know how to properly prepare and store the medication. Only prepare an injection when you are ready to administer it. Side effects associated with this pharmaceutical medicine include; confusion, acute weakness; a light-headed sensation as if you're about to pass out; nauseousness, chest pain, and irregular heartbeats; tingling or numbness in your arms or legs; a sense of weakness or heaviness in your legs; any loss of movement in your body; slow heart rate, weak pulse, and fainting. Someone having any one of these conditions should avoid using this drug: hyperkalemia (excess potassium in the blood); low calcium levels in your blood (hypocalcemia); or high phosphorus levels in your blood. Inform your doctor if you've ever had: cardiovascular disease; or renal disease, Addison's disease (an adrenal gland disorder). Without the guidance of a doctor, do not give this medicine to a kid under the age of four. It is not predicted that administering the prescribed amount of Potassium Phosphate injection will result in serious birth abnormalities, miscarriage, or unfavorable maternal or fetal outcomes. Human milk contains phosphorus and potassium; ingestion of the approved recommended amount is not predicted to affect a breastfed newborn.

How does Potassium Phosphate work?

It has a modifying effect on calcium levels in the steady-state, a buffering effect on acid-base balance, and the main role in the renal excretion of hydrogen ions.

The cost of Potassium Phosphate

Depending on the pharmacy, a 375-milliliter supply of Potassium Phosphate intravenous solution (3 mmol/mL (with potassium 4.4 mEq/mL)) costs roughly $317.

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