pilocarpine Eye drops 2 % - 5 ml

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Reference Product: Pilocarpine® (Martindale)
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Pilocarpine Manufacturers

Pilocarpine is a class of medications called muscarinic cholinergic agonists. It is used to treat dry mouth caused by radiotherapy in people with head and neck cancer and to treat dry mouth in people with Sjogren's syndrome. It works when there is reduced salivation (dry mouth) by stimulating certain nerves to increase the amount of saliva you produce, making it easier and more comfortable to speak and swallow. It is approved by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration. Pilocarpine is generally available in oral sprays, tablets, and the concentrated liquid form of 150 mg tablets. It is available as a generic medication and in combination with carbamazepine. The drug is generally available as a generic drug, which may be less costly than brand-name drugs.

Cautions while taking Pilocarpine

Pilocarpine can cause serious side effects including trouble speaking, choking, difficulty breathing, and changes in personality. You must not take Pilocarpine if you have depression or a mental condition. Do not take Pilocarpine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. When taking Pilocarpine, consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have high blood pressure, low blood sugar, liver problems, liver disease, or when you take medications known to cause changes in your sleep schedule.

Manufactures and Pricing of Pilocarpine

Pilocarpine is available in tablet, capsule, and cream form and it is most commonly sold in bulk by pharmacies. Pilocarpine manufactures have made it available as a generic medication as well. The wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) for 25 tablets of Pilocarpine.5mg (0.15 fl. oz.) capsules are US$0.0310. It is most commonly available as tablets which have the active ingredient and three other inert ingredients. There is little or no generic availability of this medication and there’s also no generic equivalents of this medication.

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Being a global B2B pharmaceutical online marketplace, Pipelinepharma is structured to simplify pharmaceutical deals by providing you with an intuitive interface that is easy to engage with. The selection of Pilocarpine offerings can be narrowed down with the use of filters and easily weighed against one another according to medication prices and commercial terms. The advanced filters help you filter out the countries for Pilocarpine manufacturers and Pilocarpine suppliers that you are looking for. These also enable you to check the dossier status of Pilocarpine, and the GMP approvals of the different variants of Pilocarpine. Also, each manufacturer or supplier product description contains essential information about Pilocarpine including clinical data, stability zones, countries where Pilocarpine is already registered in. Manufacturers also have special, and delivery terms.

Establishing commercial ties

If you are a pharmaceutical licensing company or a distributor you can enter into deals or negotiations over Pilocarpine offers with manufacturing companies after completing the free registration process and joining our online marketplace. This helps to ensure that you conclude the pharmaceutical deal at a reasonable cost and achieve the best cost/benefit ratio for your company while bypassing lengthy sourcing, negotiation, and ordering process. Once you have finalized a deal, you can look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with the manufacturers or suppliers. This way, the marketplace allows you as a distributor to skip the process of shortlisting product manufacturers every time you are looking for in-licensing or distribution deals.

Quality Assurance

To keep up to the quality standards other than Good Manufacturing Practice approvals that Pilocarpine manufacturers list has, we qualify their companies before they are boarded on the platform. This allows us to screen Pilocarpine manufacturers for the quality of the pharmaceutical products’ dossiers and protect against the risk of possible malpractices.