pentoxifylline Ampoules, injection 20 mg/ml + 5 ml

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A GMP-approved pharmaceutical manufacturer with 25+ years of experience based in Europe. Available for manufacturing, licensing, transfer, and regulatory activities. The company’s portfolio consists of different types of production: tablets, capsules, oral liquids, injections, powders, and ointments. Product lines are not only in medicine with and without prescription, but also, in nutritional supplements. Products are available in Europe, Africa, West, and South Asia. Furthermore, the company handles API/materials sourcing, regulatory support, supplier qualification, and others.

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Pentoxifylline, also called oxpentifylline, is a derivative of xanthine. Pentoxifylline is used to improve symptoms of a certain blood flow problem in the legs or arms, caused by intermittent claudication due to occlusive artery disease. Pentoxifylline decreases muscle ache or pain or cramps during exercise or walking, caused by intermittent claudication. As a hemorheological agent, its actions help blood flow more easily through narrowed arteries. As more blood flows, it increases the amount of oxygen delivered by the blood as and when muscles need more, for example during exercise, allowing the patient to walk more, thereby allowing the user to increase the duration of physical activity like walking or exercise. Pentoxifylline is sold under many brand names including Trental, Pentoxil, and Pentoxifylline SR. TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA filed for the patent in 1999. Since then they have discontinued those medicines. Since the expiry of the initial patent protection, it is made and sold as a generic drug by many pharma companies around the world.

Dosage and Administration

Pentoxifylline is sold as an extended-release Tablet in 400mg strength. For Adults, in the treatment of Intermittent Claudication, the recommended dose is 400 mg, taken orally, every 8 hours, and the course of the treatment lasts 8 weeks. Benefits from therapy should start showing within 2-4 weeks from the start of the therapy however, optimum benefits are achieved after eight weeks of use. For this reason, the patient is advised not to discontinue the course and use it for the full 8 weeks, even if the patient starts to feel before the completion of the 8 weeks course. Patients are strictly advised against crushing or chewing this medication, doing so releases all the drug at once and increase the risk of side effects. The tablets are to be taken whole, and not broken into pieces and take the pieces separately. For optimum benefits, it should be used regularly and at the same every day. only the Doctor or the physician, who is monitoring the patient is decides on the course of medication. The patient is advised to check if they are allergic to Pentoxifylline. In case of overdose, the patient MUST contact the near poison or toxin treatment facility as soon as possible. Pregnant mothers are advised to study the risk and benefit trade-off before using it. Since it gets excreted in breast milk, breastfeeding mothers cannot use this medicine.

The price of Pentoxifylline

In the USA, the consumer has to pay an average retail price of $49.69, for a supply of 60 generic tablets of 400mg. In India, the price of 10, 400mg tablets is around USD 0.28.

How does it work?

Pentoxifylline actions increase red blood cell flexibility. It does this increasing the erythrocyte ATP and cyclic nucleotide levels. The resulting impact is reducing the viscosity of blood by decreasing erythrocyte aggregation. This also stimulates fibrinolysis to reduce plasma fibrinogen concentrations.

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