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It is a national manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements with a 50-year track record on the market in Central Europe. The company's principal goal is to expand its business, but it also has a secondary goal of expanding its business in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Methocarbamol is a guaiacol glyceryl ether. It used to treat skeletal muscle conditions such as pain or injury, together with rest and physical therapy. Methocarbamol is a carbamate that has centrally acting muscle relaxant properties. It is a muscle relaxer that blocks nerve impulses or pain sensations being sent to the brain. However, even though It is a centrally acting muscle relaxant it has not been linked to instances of liver injury. Methocarbamol is sold under the brand names Robaxin, Robaxisal, Robiflam among others. AUXILIUM PHARMS LLC first developed it in the early 1950s as a treatment for muscle spasticity and the associated pain. It received its first approval in the year 1957 for medical use. In Canada, it sold as over- the-counter oral medicine at a lower dose to be taken with Acetaminophen or similar drugs.

Dosage and Administration Methocarbamol is supplied as tablets and injections of varying strengths. In the treatment of, Muscle Spasm, the Usual, initial, oral, Adult Dose is 1500 mg, taken orally, four times a day. In the first 2-3 days of the treatment, the daily dose is 6000 mg is given, which can be raised in severe cases, up to 8000 mg per day. This is followed by a maintenance dose of 500 mg tablets, taken orally, 4 times a day, or the 750 mg tablet, take orally every 4 hours OR 1500 mg orally 3 times a day. If taking IV and IM route, For the relief of moderate symptoms, the dose is set 1 g IV or IM once, and the subsequent doses are given in the oral tablet form and for relief of severe symptoms or postoperative conditions, the dose is set at 1 g IV or IM, administered every 8 hours. The max dose per day is set at 3 g and a duration of 2 days is needed if the dose has to repeat. The initial, Adult Dose for Tetanus is 1 to 2 g IV, which is followed by another 1 to 2 g via IV infusion. The initial IV dose is repeated every 6 hours until NG tube or oral therapy is possible, with the max daily dose set at 3 g.

The Price of Methocarbamol:

In India, it is sold in combination 70with ibuprofen, with Methocarbamol 750mg, and ibuprofen -200mg, supplied at USD 0,60 per tablet. This is a widely made relatively inexpensive medicine used as an API. The wholesale price of 1-kilo gram of API of Methocarbamol costs USD $16.

How does Methocarbamol work?

Methocarbamol’s exact mechanism of action has not currently been established. However, it is postulated that Its effects are localized to the central nervous system rather than a direct effect on skeletal muscles. It does not impact the motor endplate or the peripheral nerve fiber. Alternatively, it is also thought that Methocarbamol could be exerting in effect by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, similarly to carbamate.

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