menthol + camphor + methyl salicylate Cutaneous ointment 8mg+59mg+46mg

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South Korea
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It is an integrated healthcare company founded in the 1920s. It has achieved top market value and sales revenue in the local pharmaceutical industry and has been awarded as the most respected and trusted company in East Asia for more than 10 years. The core business of the company can be classified into primary & specialty care, dietary supplements, household & animal care, and contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Menthol is a naturally occurring organic compound that can be obtained both naturally and synthetically. Although naturally obtained menthol is currently the more popular alternative, its synthetically derived counterpart is typically more pure and cost-effective. Medical properties of menthol include anti-itching, antispasmodic, and pain relief in cases of sore throat, headaches, sprains, muscle cramps, and sunburn. As such, manufacturing companies produce a multitude of menthol formulations, such as oral lozenges and sprays, topical gels, ointments, creams as well as transdermal patches for pain relief. It is also a common ingredient in combination formulations.