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Isoniazid Manufacturers

Isoniazid is a medication used to treat tuberculosis. Although it is sometimes available as a standalone medication, manufacturers of isoniazid more commonly use it alongside other active ingredients in pharmaceutical formulations, such as pyridoxine, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, ethambutol, and many others. Isoniazid suppliers market it in the form of 100mg tablets as well as 50mg/2ml injectable solution. In use for over 70 years, isoniazid is one of the drugs included in the WHO’s list of Essential Medicines that contains the most important medications recommended for a basic health system. The drug is available across multiple geographic markets, and, among the largest manufacturers of isoniazid medications are Amsal Chem, Resonance Specialties, Calyx Pharma, and Camus Pharma, whereas major suppliers include well-known companies Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. Generic versions of the drug are also available on the global pharmaceutical market.

How Does Isoniazid Work?

Isoniazid is a prodrug that needs bacterial catalase to activate it. Specifically, mycobacterial ferric KatG catalase-peroxidase reduction by hydrazine and reactivity with oxygen to create an oxyferrous enzyme complex are related with activation. Isoniazid, once activated, prevents the production of mycoloic acids, a crucial part of the bacterial cell membrane. Isoniazid is bacteriocidal against organisms of the Mycobacterium TB genus when used at therapeutic doses. By creating a covalent compound with the NAD cofactor, isoniazid prevent unethical InhA, the enoyl dehydrogenase from Mycobacterium TB. The sluggish, tightly-binding competitive blocker of InhA is the INH-NAD adduct. After oral administration, readily taken up; nevertheless, substantial first pass metabolism may occur. When isoniazid is taken with meals, its absorption and bioavailability are decreased. N-acetylisoniazid is biotransformed into isonicotinic acid and monoacetylhydrazine after being acetylated by N-acetyl transferase to N-acetylisoniazid. When the cytochrome P450 mixed oxidase system N-hydroxylates monoacetylhydrazine, a reactive intermediate metabolite is produced that is linked to hepatotoxicity. Genetics controls the rate of acetylation. Hepatic N-acetyltransferase is relatively inactive in slow acetylators.

Wholesale Price of Isoniazid

Prices of isoniazid vary, depending on whether it is a generic or trade name formulation and on manufacturer and supplier pricing. The retail prices per 100 (100mg) tablets of generic isoniazid are approximately 8,00 EUR to 10,00 EUR, whereas the equivalent amount of trade name isoniazid tablets cost 20,00 EUR. The costs of 100 (150mg + 100mg) Rifampicin/Isoniazid tablets, meanwhile, are around 15,00 EUR. Also the costs of Isoniazid vary depending on manufacturer and supplier pricing, whether it is a generic or trade name formulation, concentration of the active ingredient in the formulation. Isoniazid suppliers, on the whole, are in favor of patient aid initiatives. Isoniazid is available for sale from various Isoniazid vendors at multiple costs.

From Where to Get Isoniazid?

Buyers are advised that online sellers may attempt to market fraudulent versions of the generic drug, whereas Pipeline Pharma, through its pre-auditing and quality control procedures ensures that only verified Isoniazid manufacturers and wholesalers enter our online marketplace, offering you a risk-free B2B pharmaceutical sales platform. PipelinePharma is the most reliable source for this medication. Finding an honest partner in our business is one of the significant challenges. To overcome this challenge and make one's life easier when looking for a direct manufacturer and supplier of Isoniazid, one can go to the Pipelinepharma website, which assists buyers in locating dependable manufacturers and suppliers of Isoniazid.

Navigating our Pharmaceutical Marketplace

Being a global B2B pharmaceutical online marketplace, Pipelinepharma is structured to simplify pharmaceutical deals by providing you with an intuitive interface that is easy to engage with. The selection of Isoniazid offerings can be narrowed down with filters and easily weighed against one another according to medication prices and commercial terms. The advanced filters help you filter out the countries for this substance manufacturer and Isoniazid suppliers that you are looking for. These also enable you to check the dossier status of this medicine and the GMP approvals of the different variants of Isoniazid. Also, each manufacturer or supplier product description contains essential information about this substance, including clinical data, stability zones, and countries in which Isoniazid is already registered. Manufacturers also have special delivery terms.

Establishing Commercial Ties

Suppose you are a pharmaceutical licensing company or a distributor. In that case, you can enter into deals or negotiations over these medicine offers with manufacturing companies after completing the free registration process and joining our online marketplace. This helps ensure that you conclude the pharmaceutical deal at a reasonable cost and achieve the best cost/benefit ratio for your company while bypassing lengthy sourcing, negotiation, and order process. Once you have finalized a deal, you can look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with the Isoniazid suppliers. This way, the marketplace allows you as a distributor to skip the process of making a list of product manufacturers every time you are looking for in-licensing or distribution deals.

Quality Assurance

To keep up to the quality standards other than Good Manufacturing Practice approvals that this medicine manufacturers list has, we qualify their companies before they are boarded on the platform. This allows us to screen Isoniazid manufacturers for the quality of the pharmaceutical products' dossiers and protect against the risk of possible malpractices.